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Hi, I am Trevor, an international student from Hong Kong, studying Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at University of Nottingham. Although I am studying first year here, I had been chosen as a representative of mathematics team in my secondary school. I participated in many Mathematics Olympiad Competition, for example Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad, Asia Pacific Maths Olympiad and International Maths Olympiad ( Preliminary Section). Also, I have attended lessons in univeristies (Enrichment Programe for Young Maths Talents), in which I learnt higher level of maths.

Moreover, I took part in Mentorship programme as I can know more people and expand my social network. And I also took part in Joint Maths Meeting at New Orleans, USA, where I learnt some interesting maths knowledge and meet with more people.

I have been a private tutor when I was in Hong Kong, teaching secondary school students mathematics. I teach them whatever their grade or standard are. I am a very patient person with great passion in teaching and learning mathematics. I believe that teaching mathematics is a two-way process, as I can learn how to improve my skills to teach maths.

I emphasize on the examination skills, and let the students know that different kind of methods to solve the problems. As one mathematics question can be solved by different methods, then I will show my students that they can solve by different methods. I sincerely hope that I can make students feel learning maths is fun and interesting.

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