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Tutor Jobs
Mr. Nigel
Mong Kok
Language - English
9+ Years
Hourly $450 - 550

Hello, my name is Mr. Nigel. I am a Native English speaker from Great Britain and have more than 14 years teaching experience and 4 of those have been as a private tutor. Kids love my funny character and therefore bond with me instantly creating an amazing partnership that brings lasting impressions and wonderful results. Just see my testimonials @

I teach:
....Cambridge YLE, KET, PET (includes reading, writing, listening and speaking)....
....Trinity GESE (spoken English)....
....Trinity ISE (includes the 4 disciplines)....
....Phonics (Letterland)....
....Pre-school development and enrichment....
....Reading (Julia Donaldson, song birds / Biff, Chip and Kipper stories)....
....Creative writing....
....Science Workshop....
....Conversational classes....
....Introduction to mathematics and beyond....
....Homework support....

If you are looking for a friendly, enthusiastic, hard working and responsible teacher with proven experience, genuine references and testimonials then look no further.

I have many satisfied parents who continue to work and support me in helping their children build awareness, proficiency, knowledge, confidence and most of all, enjoyment in learning.

Ages 2-4
$450 / hr
Ages 5-9
$500 / hr
Ages 10 - 14

(materials and transportation included)

Please contact me if you would like an assessment or to discuss your child's needs.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Mr. Nigel

Mr. Nigel
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