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Hourly $140 - 180

**If you want to know more about my teaching and teaching material or even simply want some advice,
feel free to email : [email protected]
I am happy to share what I know.

** A quick look : course details with powerpoint presentation :

I teach student on skype over hundred hours to students with different Cantonese level.

++++++ Qualification ++++++
Degree in Teaching Chinese to foreigner
Assistant teacher in local international school

++++++ Tuition fee / Payment method ++++++
180 HKD (Mon, Wed, Fri 7:30pm-9pm and Sunday) / hour
140 HKD (Mon, Wed, Fri 10am-6pm) / hour
You can transfer the tuition fee through paypal or bank transfer (HSBC) before or during the lesson.

face-to-face in Ma On Shan Starbuck : 200 HKD / hour

++++++What my students say++++++

Chinese (Cantonese) 2016 Jul 17
Carine Sin Saang is very experienced, motivated, and prepared to help her students learn Cantonese! Carine Sin Saang achieves this using a very efficient and organized system she developed that emphasizes speaking, listening, reading, and review. By starting with the basics - working through a short passage, how to read Romanized Cantonese, and learning to sing the 6 Cantonese tones - the Cantonese student learns to create more elaborate sentences. I was pleased to be able to do this in my first formal lesson. She also sent me material to reinforce what I learned today. Very practical indeed! I truly enjoyed learning Cantonese with Carine Sin Saang. BOTTOM LINE: If your goal is to learn to speak Cantonese effectively - Ms. Carine will definitely go above and beyond the call to help you do just that! Very good value lesson, indeed! Hou dou zeh, Carine Sin Saang! Many thanks! Tony

Marc Williams
Chinese (Cantonese)Jun 05, 2016
Carine was very good at explaining her method and demonstrating the materials used during lessons (Which seem excellent quality). She was extremely friendly and I felt very comfortable speaking with her during the lesson. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend Carine to other students.

Chinese (Cantonese)Jun 05, 2016
Excellent teacher, very organised and structured lesson, which is rare for Cantonese! If you are looking for structured, custom content for Cantonese, then look no further. Highly recommended!

Chinese (Cantonese)May 30, 2016
Even though I had taken a good look at her teaching materials prior to the lesson, I was honestly baffled by how much structure there was. Studying Cantonese outside Hong Kong or Macau means that there is very little room for formal settings in learning the language. For my first year, I honestly just improvised most of the time. I am very much looking forward to the next lesson.

Jen Hoang
Chinese (Cantonese)May 22, 2016
Carine was great. She went through a story to see what my level of Cantonese was at. We felt it was the most suitable approach to me learning as I have already a foundation of Cantonese. It was actually more fun than I realised! Will look forward to more sessions.

Chinese (Cantonese)May 20, 2016
Carine's lesson was astoundingly thorough and well prepared for student's language level. She was very supportive and encouraging throughout the lesson which is greatly appreciated! The materials Carine developed from scratch showed a lot of creativity and provided excellent grammar and vocabulary support. Well done, Carine! Thanks again :)

++++++ Course Features ++++++

1. It is a Cantonese course from basic to advanced level.

2. One of the characteristics of my material is the inserted "one click audio", by clicking, you can hear my voice of all vocab and sentence instantly.that is very efficient for revision.

3. The teaching material is designed by a Hong Kong language school for non-Chinese students who are beginner or students who have different Cantonese level and want to learn Cantonese with a structural support.

4. Gradual learning path
Beginner : Sound & Expression 1 to 3 (level 1 to 3)
Upper Beginner : Sentence pattern, word order, Short story (listening and discussion)
Intermediate : Short story (listening and discussion)
Advanced : Long story (listening and discussion)

5. The lesson contains drills on

1. Vocabulary
2. Pronunciation
3. Useful expression & Phrases
4. Dialogue practices
5. Sentence making
6. Extended Grammar & language forcus
7. Revision
8. 1-click audio file
9. short story
10. long story

++++++ Website ++++++

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