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香港中學文憑試歷史補習班 ~ HKDSE HISTORY Class (One Free Lesson)
Academic - History
4+ Years


我是一名城市大學法律系的畢業生,現在於一間設計公司就任Digital Marketer一職。


1) 快而準的掌握考試關鍵詞 (e.g. to what extent, relative importance... )

2) 真人改卷,附帶詳盡評分

3) 派發5**模範答卷,了解「摘星秘笈」

4) 特設試前貼士班及模擬考試


注意:此課程專為英文卷考生而設。 如果想知道更多的資訊或試堂,可到以下網站:

Welcome to DSE HISTORY. My name is Vincent. I’m a CityU graduate majoring law. Currently, I’m a digital marketer working at an experience design firm.

For those who wishes to excel in the DSE History exams, our service provides:

1) Mastering exam keywords and grading system

2) Real essay marking every lesson

3) Providing sample 5** essays

4) Tips class and mock exams

By the end of the course, you will have AT LEAST 50 sample essays in hand for the examination. This greatly increases your chance to hit the live examination question.

For more information or sign up for free lesson, please visit:

vincent lee
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