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Native English Tutor Ms. Jezzica (14年教英語經驗)
Language - English
9+ Years
Hourly $350 - 400

Telephone: 9751 5622
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
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Ms. Jezzica is a passionate and experienced Native English Teacher from Canada. She has got 14 years of English teaching experience as well as a Certificate in TEFL and a Certificate in English Phonetics & Phonology. She offers one-on-one private or group classes all over Hong Kong.

A little bit more about Ms. Jezzica
- Started teaching since 2001 in Hong Kong and Macau (learning centers, primary schools, secondary school, community centers, resident clubhouses and private classes)
- Native English teacher (Canadian Chinese)
- Raised and educated in Canada for elementary school years (Toronto)
- Educated in a Canadian curriculum international school for high school years (Saskatchewan High School Diploma)
- University graduate holding a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree from London
- Holds a TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate)
- Holds a Certificate in English Phonetics and Phonology
- Wrote lesson plans and teaching materials for various learning centers
- Bilingual (English and Cantonese)
- Understands the difficulties in learning English as a second language for Hong Kong students

- 2001年開始教英文 (三間小學, 一間中學, 九間教育中心, 兩間社區中心, 會所, 私人上門)
- 加拿大籍純正英文老師 (Canadian Native English Teacher)
- 擁有英語教育資格證書 (TEFL Certificate)
- 擁有語音學證書 (Certificate in English Phonetics and Phonology)
- 從小在加拿大多倫多及加拿大制的國際學校受教育 (小學及中學)
- 在英國大學畢業 (Bachelor of Arts (Honors)
- 曾為教育中心編寫課程內容及教材
- 雙語 (英語及粵語, 可以與家長用中文溝通)
- 熟識香港學生學英語時遇到的困難

Course Content 上門課程可度身訂造, 內容可包括:      
Phonics / Jolly Phonics / Read Write Inc. 拼音    
Oral / conversation 英語會話    
Playgroup  學前預備班  
Prose Reading 朗誦    
Creative Writing / Guided Writing 英語寫作    
English Grammar 文法                
Cambridge Young Learners (YLE) Preparation (Starters/Movers/Flyers) 劍橋小學英語考試
Cambridge ESOL Preparation (KET/PET) 劍橋英語 KET/PET 國際標準
Trinity GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) 英國倫敦三一學院英語口語考試
Story Telling 講故事    
Vocabulary 字彙練習  
Spelling 串字  
Drama 話劇      
Listening 聆聽
Pronunciation 發音
Reading 閱讀
Debate 辯論
Speech Festival training 朗誦節訓練    
School Interview training 小學及中學入學面試練習
Interactive daily-life-based English 日常英語
Public Speaking 公開演講
English Cookery 英語烹飪
English Arts & Crafts 英語創意藝術

Native English tutor Ms.Jezzica
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