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9+ Years
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It’s not the type of knowledge you know that counts nowadays but the eclectic synthesis of ideas from various disciplines and database that wins! (Language across the curriculum!)

Guess what cohesive devices are used below? (A riddle?)
"Had I not had the strength and wisdom of a warrior, I would have to give up.” sang Sade.
“I didn’t know my own strength!” echoed Whitney.
“I’m at the borderline of my faith; I’m at the hinterland of my devotion; In the front line of this battle of mine, but I’m still alive.” Sade replied.
“Do you feel the same?” Bangles pondered.
How can we orchestrate the symphony of life?
How can we harmonize various aspects of our inner self?
Working Experience:
1. I am a registered teacher, tutoring 7 senior secondary and university students.
2. I am exempt from the LPAT so that I am a qualified English teacher.
3. I taught F.1 to F.7 science subjects, particularly chemistry, for 9 years in secondary schools, including EMI ones.
4. I taught P.5 English in two EMI primary schools, including HKUGA Primary School and PLK Camoes Tan Siu Lin Primary School.
5. I worked as English Teacher and English Teaching Assistant in secondary schools, Editor in three publishing houses and freelance Writer for Manhattan Press Ltd.
6. I worked as Research Assistant and Technician analyzing drugs, toys and dioxin in both academic and commercial laboratories.
7. I taught undergraduates as Instructor in a course entitled “Introduction to Chemistry” in a local tertiary institution.
8. I worked as Teaching Assistant in HKUST while studying for M.Phil there.
9. I worked as part-time Tutor in various tutorial centers.

I graduated with the following awards:
1. Bachelor of Science in chemistry (First Class Honors from HKUST) and 4 scholarships
2. HKCEE: chemistry (A), biology (A) and mathematics (A), Physics (B), English (B; Reading/Writing: A), Computer Studies(B), Additional Mathematics (C)
3. HKALE: chemistry (A1, not A2 nor A3), Physics (B6), Biology (C8), Use of English (C9; Writing: B; Language system: B).
4. Master of Science (Environmental Science from HKUST, GPA=A),
5. Master of Arts (English Studies from CityU) with Credit
6. Master of Education (Liberal Studies from OUHK, GPA=Pass 2)
7. Pg.C.Ed. (HKU)
8. Pg.D.(English Studies from HKIEd) with Credit,
9. Pg.D.(HRM from HKBU, GPA=3.19),
10. Dip(Teacher Librarianship from HKU-SPACE) with Distinction,
11. Dip(Applied Psychology from HKBU-SCE, GPA=A-),
12. Pg.C.(Translation from HKU-SPACE),
13. Cert. (Youth Counseling from HKU-SPACE),
14. Cert. (Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Management from HKU-SPACE)
15. Cert. (Legal and Commercial Translation from HKU-SPACE) with Credit
16. Bridging course in Physiology and Anatomy from La Trobe University (Grade = A)

Personal Attributes:
2. ISC in Self-Directed Search
3. Type 5 in Enneagram
4. My lifelong insatiable urge for personal enrichment and knowledge acquisition guards and guides my future interests (hot cognition).
5. I, student-centered, empathetic and understanding, aspire to co-construct knowledge with students yearning for the development of psychological capital (resilience, optimism and commitment), cultivation of creativity (synthesis and combination) and critical thinking skills (evaluation and analysis).

I hope my wide coverage of a multitude of disciplines can help you excel in almost all subjects, particularly science and English, and revel in lifelong learning.

“The best way to learn is to learn from the best!” How can I tell the best from the rest?
“A still mind can still all restless minds!” Might I calm your ‘rough sea’? (No more paradigm shift? 'Transfer' is constant?)

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