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Union of Languages

article-40-logoUnion of Languages is a language organization providing a range of services to schools, companies and the community in Hong Kong. We specialize in offering language programs to non-native speakers of all levels. Programs are designed by language specialists for specific purposes, academic or job related functions to meet the needs of students. All our friendly staff members are highly trained to maintain an exceptional level of supervision throughout the course.

We have been operating in the field of in-house language programs since 1998 and have served customers of different nationalities
from various parts of the world. We support our students through our commitment to excellence and demonstrate this through the quality of our services. Since then, UOL enjoys a reputation for the excellence of its courses and friendliness.

English writing and grammar course
article-40-uolThis course will enhance students reading, sentence completion, vocabulary breadth and usage, writing and identifying grammatical
errors. Perhaps more than any other activity, reading builds the strongest foundation for academic success. Done frequently and
with a purpose, reading increases knowledge, vocabulary, thinking, writing, grammar and communication skills. We will be reading, analyzing,
discussing, and responding to a wide variety of texts: novels, short stories, poems, stories as well as non-fiction texts such news stories and articles.

Besides, UOL teachers are qualified and trained professionals with solid experience in the teaching of their mother-tongue as a foreign
language. Some have taught in local and/or international schools of Hong Kong before joining our team. They are chosen for their
energy, enthusiasm and their ability to communicate with young learners.


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