Decommissioning Announcement:
OPENCLASS.HK website directory will be shutdown by 2020 April 30th and replacing this current service will be another innovative service from OpenClass

OpenClass had been in service since 2010 and this directory listing service for learning centres had helped optimised the search engine ranking as well as gaining visibility for learning centres. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company Art Group Limited have decided to decommission this website on Apr 30th 2020 and this domain name will continue to service learning centres with another new innovative service beginning on June 1st, 2020

User Guide (Learning Centers/ Event organizers/ Training Providers)

1. Add activity
2. Approve Booking and payment
3. Tick attendance
4. Reschedule to other class
5. Embed Book Button
6. Embed Class Box 

 1.Add activity

 2.Approve Booking and payment

3.Tick attendance

4.Reschedule to other class

 5. Embed Book Button

6. Embed Class Box