Decommissioning Announcement:
OPENCLASS.HK website directory will be shutdown by 2020 April 30th and replacing this current service will be another innovative service from OpenClass

OpenClass had been in service since 2010 and this directory listing service for learning centres had helped optimised the search engine ranking as well as gaining visibility for learning centres. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company Art Group Limited have decided to decommission this website on Apr 30th 2020 and this domain name will continue to service learning centres with another new innovative service beginning on June 1st, 2020

About us is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) application that offers one-stop convenience for Tutors & Instructors, Learning Centers and Parents to manage tuition and activities.

ClassBooking is developed based on the research framework called Heterogeneous E-Learning Portal (HELP) as a cloud-based information management tools. Base on this research framework published by our founders in collaboration with Knowledge Management Research Center of Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, and receiving a support from  Hong Kong Cyberport IncuTrain Center as an incubatee (see official page and introduction of our company). Art Group Limited is an innovation driven company developing learning 2.0 applications.

This service is soon to be launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore with a bilingual version and internationally with an English version. The system will handle many administrative and tedious tasks related to managing class activities and tuition related information for both parents and service providers.

One of the key features that we offer is the MATCHING of TUTORS (which we called as M-Tutors) is a ALL NEW FREE service for Parents and Tutors to find each other.

About the Company

Art Group Limited - a new Learning 2.0 company involving in offering mobile learning tools and application services. The company is an innovative Hong Kong company with office located at Cyberport - and is part of the incubation programme funded by the HKSAR government in creative and media businesses. The company has a vision to become a leading software company majoring in the opportunity in mobile and blended learning.