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District: North Point
Address: 英皇道499號北角工業大廈18樓
Phone: 2138 7998 / 25974003
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 辦公時間:星期一至五,上午9時至下午1時,下午2時至6時
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Sun Ya Publications (HK) Ltd. was established in 1961, the foundation took place for 50 years. It is the most long-standing and largest publication company in publishing children and teenager books in Hong Kong. Also, it is one of the subsidiaries of Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Ltd. Since then, Sun Ya is committed to fostering the virtues in our children, promoting cultures, and servicing the children, teenagers, parents and teachers. Sunbeam is a subsidiary of Sun Ya Publications Ltd. that publishes quality readings from elementary to teenage readers. 

Sun Ya has published thousands of quality readings for teenagers and children in past 50 years. The magnificent pictures, interesting wordage and healthy contents in every issue consolidate Sun Ya’s image and position in readers’ mind. Sun Ya issues Chinese and English readings and exports simplified Chinese books to Singapore and Malaysia. Besides, its publications have been translated and released in Japanese, Thai, Korean and Dutch, which turn Sun Ya into an international publishing company. 

Aside from publishing the local creations, Sun Ya also possessing the intellectual property rights among many famous publishers from different countries in the world, including Mainland China and Taiwan, England, United States, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Netherlands. 

Furthermore, Sun Ya has a complete and extensive network of sales which covers 40 retail bookshops of Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Ltd and a hundred bookshops in Hong Kong. In addition, Sun Ya also organizes hundreds of book fairs in schools every year providing direct services to young readers. 

Sun Ya and Sunbeam keep innovating their publications, which won many prizes in different best book election awards in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. 

Sun Ya is also committed to serve the community through involvement in tremendous social services as well as local charity. We care about the welfare of children and donate books to various organizations. Sun Ya would keep on embracing its mission to provide more variety, rich quality and innovative readings to children and teenagers, keeping close eye on educational reforms and development of information technology.
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