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PolyEd Centre (寶育中心)
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District: Tin Hau
Address: Room 603, 6/F, Park Commercial Building, 180 Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay
Phone: 3741 1229 / 2366 6837
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 星期一至六:上午十時至晚上七時
Category: EnglishDramaParent-ChildParent CourseSeminarPhoneticSpeech
Person in charge: Edwin Yau

PolyEd Centre

Phonics is the essential skills in commanding good English listening and reading. Due to such importance, it would be better to learn such skill as early as possible in establishing a more flourishing life – Hooked on Phonics® , for which PolyEd acts as its exclusive agent, is the No. 1 educational material provider in phonics training system in US for 20 years continuously. Equipped with the years’ research and experience, full series of reading systems are developed to offer all-round phonics skill training for children. In addition, PolyEd provides courses using the corresponding materials for the students to learn with joy.


寶育國際代理的Hooked on Phonics®二十年來都是美國最暢銷的兒童英語拼音教材供應商,歷經多年的研究及經驗,發展了一系列的幼童英語拼音系統教材,確保幼童全面掌握英語拼音技巧。寶育國際提供學習課程配合教材,令幼童在愉快中學習。


電話:3741 1229

電話:3755 4326

地址: 九龍大角咀海庭道8號富榮花園63號地鋪
電話:2175 6998


Activity Name Age Fee
暑假快開始了!想過一個既充實又有意義的假期?那就不容錯過 PolyEd 的 Summer Camp 了!

● 暑期英語「開心互動」夏令營
● 基礎英語拼音班
● 暑期英文報章大搜索
● 聖三一英語戲劇坊考試班 (銅牌)


查詢熱線:3755 4326 

報名須知 Enrollment Notes
詳情請致電本中心 : 3741 1229 (天后)
                                   3755 4326 (九龍塘)
                                   2175 6998 (奧運)
3 or above  $ Per session
•       Enhance your children’ s  skills in listening, writing, reading and speaking English
•       Tailor made with target sentences and various answers
•       Provide a strong foundation to aid your child with their exams and assessments
•       In class and after class worksheets
•       Interactive monthly English projects:
        Show and Tell, Creative Story Writing, Book Report, Review Poster and more

•       加強學生英語聽、寫、讀、講方面的技巧
•       特別研製的目標句式及多變對答
•       加強學生應付學校評估的基礎
•       堂上及課後練習
•       每月繽FUN互動英語活動 :
        物件展示與演講, 創意故事寫作,
        圖書閱讀報告, 學習進度海報設計等等......

Step by Step to Success!

Entry Assessment
PE Teaching Materials
Class Special Activities
Take Home Activities
Progress Tracking
mid - term and final exams
Report Card

報名須知 Enrollment Notes
學生報名後,必須先由導師為學生做英語評估,才可編班上課 。
3 or above  $230 Per session
In this 2 Level program, your child will familiarize themselves with the concept of English Phonics. They will be learning all the sounds of the alphabets through interactive CD-ROM games, flashcards, workbooks and storybooks. This program also introduces the concept of blending sounds together to form words. These words will then be applied to our storybooks to kick start your child’s reading ability.
Blending lessons: -at, -an, -ap, -ag, -ad, -ig, -id, -it, -in, -ot, -op, -og, -ob, -ug, -un, and more…
本拼音基礎課程以互動音樂或遊戲光碟、閃卡、練習本及朗讀故事.. 等方式教授小朋友從認識26組英文字母,包括大小階開始,以至理解每個英文字母的個別發音後,再進一步透過英語閱讀、聆聽、朗讀句子及故事來認識混音組合的形成及運用技巧。

報名須知 Enrollment Notes
學生報名後,必須先由導師為學生做英語評估,才可編班上課 。
3 or above  $230 Per session
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