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Fashion Design and Art Portfolio Consultant (時裝/美術學員作品集指導/補習)
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District: Central
Phone: 61532373
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 10am-8pm
Category: Design
Person in charge: Jess
Age Group: 15-30



Feel free to contact and ask anything!

Are you interested in building up a strong portfolio for college application or job application? Specialised in Fashion Design and art aspects that could provide you 1 to 1 tutorial to boost up .

時裝大師搖籃;Central Saint Martins女裝畢業生 ,在學期間取得多項優異成績, 參加過多場時裝秀展,亦曾贏得Louis Vuitton 皮袋設計及Dior合作項目等。 曾在巴黎工作一段時間,品牌包括Christian Dior等在總壇參與時裝高訂展各項設計工作,以高訂及成衣兩部門為首。高訂參與了手工製作及設計項目,成衣則負責出樣重點做衣服上細節設計。

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