Fortress Hill Michael Andrew Law Art School (羅卓睿炮台山畫班 油畫室)
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District: Fortress Hill
Address: ROOM 3D, Fu Kar Court, 32 Fortress Hill Road, Hong Kong
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 週六 週日SAT & SUN :11am - 16pm
週一MON:13pm - 21pm
*所有公眾假期全日休息 We're Closed on Public Holiday(s) .
Category: PianoPaintingSketchDesign
Person in charge: Michael Andrew Law
Registration No.: Gallery Michael Andrew Law
Age Group: 13-60
Whatsapp:  +85264447550
這是 Part Time 形式之繪畫課程, 以班制個別指導式上課, 每個時段人數為 4 至 6 人,導師按個別學員選修科目而安排教材,其優點為上課時間靈活,亦可彈性選修你喜好之課題 , $135上課時間為60分鐘* , 每人可分配10至15分鐘導師之個別示範/建議或修正.
收費 (無需預繳):
*A餐. 自備材料及畫具 $135/ 每60分鐘
*B餐.畫室提供材料及畫具 $205/ 每60分鐘
.私人教授 (於羅卓睿炮台山畫室地址包場教授): HKD$ 900/ 每30分鐘 

Michael Andrew Law按 基礎於The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci 及 十年來對意大利傳統美術教學綜合對當代美學術及綜合對費爾茅斯藝術學院,蘇瑞創意藝術大學,Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication,南安普敦大學,赫特福德大學,德蒙特福大學,Goldsmith等學士及碩士課程Research而設計的 7 Level 課程,課程完全涵蓋由文藝復興至十九世紀初之寫實技巧訓練,至當代各表現主義,流行美學,主要分為人像科 ,靜物科, 風景科, 漫畫,抽象藝術 ,可選其一或混合修讀.

亦可配不同繪畫物料例如油畫, 塑膠彩, 水彩, 素描, 或者電子媒體 iPad, Photoshop等等, 如, 除此之外,我們也教如何製作最有升學/求職效用的中學/大學 及準 Artist,作品集及以至精研的職業Artist/Designer創作方法程序以及如何出售藝術品 ,並設難題解決Section,旨在解決在創作/技巧上遇到的即時困難.
週六週日SAT & SUN :11am - 16pm
週一MON:13pm - 21pm
*所有公眾假期全日休息 We're Closed on Public Holiday(s) .
 For Booking Please Call or Whatsapp  +852 6444 7550

We offer Part Time Painting Course with individual teaching in a group setting class, mostly between 4 to 6 people per session.

The instructor Michael Andrew Law Cheuk Yui arranges the materials according to the  subjects that you interested. The advantage of this Part Time Classes is that the class time is more flexible, and you can also flexibly choose the topics that fits your taste and preferences. Each 60 minutes class time is from $135* (Depends on the plan you chosen), each person can be assigned 10 to 15 minutes of individual demonstrations/suggestions or corrections by Michael Andrew Law.

*Plan A. Bring your own art supplies $135/ per 60minutes
*Plan B. Use our art supplies $205/ per 60minutes
*Plan C.Private Teaching (At our studio address):HKD$ 900/ per 30minutes

Based on Michael Andrew Law’s Researches on The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci and a decade of traditional Italian art teaching to contemporary American academics and synthesis from the Fairmouth College of Art, Surrey University of Creative Arts, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Michael Andrew Law designed a 7 Level course based upon the courses designed by the University of Upton, the University of Hertfordshire, De Montfort University, Goldsmith, and their Master’s program, covers everything from Renaissance to the early 19th century, to today’s Contemporary Art scene. Our programme mainly divided into themes such as Portraits, Still life, Landscape, Comics, Abstract Art, Pop art etc. You can pick one or multi-topics for your course.

Can also be learn with different themes and painting materials and techniques such as Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour, Charcoals, or digital medium such as iPad and Photoshop, in addition, we also teach how to make the most advanced  job-oriented secondary school / university and emerging artists portfolios, and at our the professional artist / Designer creative method program of how to sell art and set up a problem-solving teaching aiming to solve the immediate difficulties encountered in the creative, technique or career problem for artists.

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