People Impact Intelligence Training Centre (Hung Hom) (柏雅思智能培訓中心(紅磡) )
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District: Hung Hom
Address: 840-841, level 8, The Metropolis Mall, 6 Metropolis Drive
Phone: 25230711 / 25230992
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: Tuesday to Saturday; 09:30am-06:30pm.
Sunday to Monday; by appointment
Category: EmotionalBrain Training
Person in charge: Ms. Tang


柏雅思智能培訓中心是亞洲最先進的互動智能培訓中心,中心按照心理及腦部智能發展觀念設計,分成不同區域,每項佈置均經過Dr. Anthony R. Dickinson調較,巧妙給予腦部多元化的刺激!


People Impact is committed to providing the best all-around training by opening the most advanced intelligence training centre in Asia, designed by Dr. Anthony R. Dickinson in accordance with psychological and intelligence development studies!

The centre is divided into various fascinating zones, stimulating brain development in all aspects. For example, the longest word puzzle in town can help increase word intelligence and sequential planning; 3D-maze carpets can enhance students' creativity, spatial awareness and planning development. The green and blue colours and shapes of different objects help to build the whole brain. The centre is also equipped with an innovative online learning platform that allows students to interact across countries.

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要真正讓子女成為“品學兼優”﹐提升3Q*非常重要﹗ 屆時講座將與爸媽分享如何從小啟發兒女﹐ 入讀一級學府﹐ 成為資優生的真實體驗以及父母們不可不知的重要階段及成長需要﹐ 歡迎家長參加。
*(IQ)智商﹑ (EQ)情商及(AQ)學術智能

中環People Impact智能培訓中心
地址﹕ 亞畢諾道3-5號環貿中心12樓1201室

日期﹕ 23/9/2011 (星期五)
時間﹕ 晚上七時至八時半

日期﹕ 24/9/2011 (星期六)
時間﹕ 下午二時半至四時

網上登紀﹕ [email protected]
報名熱線﹕ 2523-0862

18 or above ( Adults ) Free
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