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Hong Kong Bestutors (博師補習)
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District: Choi Hung
Address: 十八區都有導師
Phone: 92206498
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 營業時間 (全年無休): 一至日 10:30am - 11:30pm
Category: Preparatory CourseLiberal StudiesOther AcademicComputerReading & WritingMathematicsEnglishPutonghuaChineseScienceTutorialHistoryPublic ExaminationPrimary EducationSecondary Education
Age Group: 6-12

私人補習, 補習中介| 博師補習HK Bestutors | 過五百位黎自八大的私人補習導師, 家長免費上門補習,真正懂教育的補習中介,補習中介/揾私人補習信心保證.

查詢及報名: 92206498 (Tel/whatsapp)


過五百來自八大導師  已服務全港過百學生    |  私人上門一對一補習   家長免介紹/中介費

私人補習導師成績保證: 小學專科DSE Lv4以上  |  中學專科DSE Lv5以上




*自訂堂數、時間及科目 (主修或選修科都可以)


熱門私人補習科目包括: 小學中文, 小學英文, 小學數學,小學常識, 小學補全科, 跟功課, 初中中文, 初中英文, 中學數學, 數學 (M1), 數學 (M2), 通識, 生物 (bio), 高中中文, 化學(chem), 物理(phy), 高中英文, 中國歷史, 西史, 中國文學, 英國文學, 會計(BAFS), 地理(geog), 經濟(econ)

HK Bestutors,由一班曾經做過中小學私人補習導師的年青人所創立。亦正是因為我們的私人補習經驗,令我們致力成立一個能夠清楚明白學生,導師和家長需要的私人補習平台,盡我們所能去提供最佳的服務。





HK Bestutors is a tutor agency that match the best tutors in Hong Kong to students who would like to improve their academic performance. Founded in 2017, we pride ourselves in having more than one hundred tutors and have served hundreds of students till now. Using our service we guarantee that no extra administrative fee is needed for the matching. Please contact us if you would like to know more details:

Tel/ Whatsapp: 92206498




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Modest Tips for Learning English in 2018

活學活用英文的三個建議- 建議一

Learning a language may seem daunting at first, but understanding what you may do to approach any language is what makes you succeed at ease. In this article, I will share with you three recommendations on what you may do to learn English at ease. 


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