Azure Axis Education Centre (藍博士教育中心)
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District: Sheung Wan
Address: Unit 7, M/F, Hau Qin International Building, 340 Queen's Road Central
Phone: 28771777 / 31874418
E-mail:[email protected]
Category: Reading & WritingMathematicsEnglishShorthandOthersChineseEloquenceTutorial
Person in charge: 陳小姐


* 1-盡力讓每個學生獲取最基本的語言知識及進一步提升應用外語能力。
* 2-為您度身訂做日常生活及專業,符合您的程度及實際需要的高質素課程。

我們懂得運用革新的教育學理論如霍華德加德納的多形式智力理論。每一個兒童或成人都具有不同學習能力,若他們能夠建立信心,無論在任何學習水平,都能建立更高的階段。 我們的課程資源盡量去適合每個學生的學習水平,使學生提高他們學習技能。此外,對於幼兒教學,我們專注以遊戲小組形式去鼓勵和建立您孩子的學習能力,情緒及大小肌肉運動,提高溝通和語言能力。我們的團隊會致力提供最好的教育。


* 1. 英語 普通話 法語 西班牙語 廣東話 予: 公司、 成人、 兒童
* 2. 功課輔導: 本地、國際及英基課程。
* 3. 公開試預備:小學英語,劍橋小學英語考試,國際英語水平測試,HKDSE 香港中學文憑
* 4. 翻譯: 所有類型的文件

我們為企業、成人、青少年和兒童提供不同程度的英語、 普通話、 法語、 西班牙以及普通話 課程:

* - 初級課程
* - 中級課程
* - 高級課程


* - 業務課程
* - 增強會話能力

我們還有一些各種公開考試培訓計劃, 針對:

* - 劍橋小學英語考試
* - 國際英語水平測試
* - HKDSE 香港中學文憑


* - 速成課程 (增強會話能力、 聽力、 閱讀、 寫作技巧)
* 每班人數: 每班不多於七位學生。

我們的課程讓兒童及成人可以充分發揮語言能力。 學習語言是全球世界的趨勢

Our Mission

* 1. To give to everyone, the possibilities either obtain initial knowledge, or to further that knowledge in foreign languages.
* 2. To offer you high quality courses designed for your specific level and your real needs in your daily professional life.

Our Staff
All teachers are native English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Spanish, They are also university graduates and experienced teachers, allowing them to instil in our students the confidence and the abilities they need to achieve their full potential.
Our curriculum starts at a young age until 90 years!

We acknowledge the new cognitive and pedagogical theories like the Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple forms of intelligences.

We agree on the fact that every child or adult bears a set of competences and learns differently from others, but he or she is able to develop skills at all new level, if he or she feels supported when building his/her confidence.

We try to adapt our resources to make them on keeping of level of children, teenagers and adults in order to let them get more confidence and improve their learning skills.

Moreover, for young children we focus on play & games to encourage, stimulate and build your child’s cognitive, emotional, motor functions, social and linguistic abilities. Our staffs try to provide the best in education.

We offer :

* 1. English Mandarin French Spanish Cantonese Courses for: Companies , Adults, Children and Teens
* 2. Homework Tutoring: Local, International & ESF curriculum.
* 3. Preparatory tests: YLE, ESOL, IELTS, HKCEE ...
* 4. Translation: all types of documents
We provide English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Cantonese courses for Adults, Companies, Children and Teens adapted at the level of everyone:

* - Beginner Course
* - Intermediate Course
* - Advanced Course

You will also find in our centre some specials courses adapted to the abilities of everyone:

* - Beginner Course
* - Oral Fluency Course

We allow you to follow a training program for examination:

* - YLE & ESOL Cambridge

We propose too:

Special Workshops Short and Long Term Study (on speaking, listening, reading, writing skills) Class size: We have small classes with a maximum of 7 students.

Children and Adults can learn here their full potential.

Activity Name Age Fee

- 英語辯論活動班
- 英語演講朗诵訓練班
- 英語話劇班
- 創作英語
- 英語閱讀技巧
- 英語拼音班
- 英語會話
- 英語文法
星期一 、三 、五 或 星期二 、四 、六
兩週: $ 2380    
三週: $ 3480    
五週: $ 4980
- Debating
- Elocution
- Drama
- Creative writing
- Active reading
- Phonics
- English conversation.
3 hours a day    
Mon / Wed / Fri or Tue / Thur / Sat
2 weeks: $ 2180    
3 weeks: $ 3180    
5 weeks: $ 4980
7 to 16 ( 7-16 ) $4980
Total 15 Session
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