Fun to Learn English Learning Centre
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District: Sheung Shui
Address: Shop 7, 2/F, Lung Fung Garden, No.33 Lung Sum Avenue,New Territories, Hong Kong
Phone: 54067892
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 10-19:30
Category: Arts CraftsPlaygroupReading & WritingEnglishTutorialSpeechPrimary Education
Person in charge: Ms. Michelle & Mr. V
Age Group: 2-12

 Fun To Learn's mission is to develop in your child a love for English and positive attitudes towards language learning. Teachers with passion inspire students. They get students interested and even excited about what they are learning.

 As Fun To Learn teachers, we always find a way to get more interested in what we are teaching and to make things more interesting for our students. Helping kids learn English at Fun To Learn English requires a little more work, a little more imagination, and maybe even a little acting ability. Our teachers are the best at making English learning interesting and exciting.

Mr. V and Ms. Michelle

At Fun To Learn, we believe that children learn far better while they are having fun. When we first started teaching English in Hong Kong, we found that the school systems here were quite boring! The traditional ways of teaching English makes learning even more boring! That's why we decided to create Fun To Learn English. With Fun To Learn English, we hope and strive to tell the world that learning English can be really FUN!

We Help You And Your Kids Master English With Confidence!

 From “Speaking” to “Phonics” and “Grammar” to “TOEFL”, we’ve got your kids’ English needs covered!

The 3-Step “Master English With Confidence” Plan.

1. Call to Schedule

Call us now at 54067892 to schedule a FREE Assessment at our centre.

2. Professional Free Assessment

After the assessment, we will be able to identify the most suitable CLASS and allocate an appropriate TIME SLOT for your child.

3. Enjoy Learning English

Enrol on our highly recommended class. 

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