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Fun to Learn English Learning Centre
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District: Sheung Shui
Address: Shop 7, 2/F, Lung Fung Garden, No.33 Lung Sum Avenue,New Territories, Hong Kong
Phone: 54067892
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 10-19:30
Category: Arts CraftsPlaygroupReading & WritingEnglishTutorialSpeechPrimary Education
Person in charge: Ms. Michelle & Mr. V
Registration No.: 613150
Age Group: 2-12

 Fun To Learn's mission is to develop in your child a love for English and positive attitudes towards language learning. Teachers with passion inspire students. They get students interested and even excited about what they are learning.

 As Fun To Learn teachers, we always find a way to get more interested in what we are teaching and to make things more interesting for our students. Helping kids learn English at Fun To Learn English requires a little more work, a little more imagination, and maybe even a little acting ability. Our teachers are the best at making English learning interesting and exciting.

Mr. V and Ms. Michelle

At Fun To Learn, we believe that children learn far better while they are having fun. When we first started teaching English in Hong Kong, we found that the school systems here were quite boring! The traditional ways of teaching English makes learning even more boring! That's why we decided to create Fun To Learn English. With Fun To Learn English, we hope and strive to tell the world that learning English can be really FUN!

We Help You And Your Kids Master English With Confidence!

 From “Speaking” to “Phonics” and “Grammar” to “TOEFL”, we’ve got your kids’ English needs covered!

The 3-Step “Master English With Confidence” Plan.

1. Call to Schedule

Call us now at 54067892 to schedule a FREE Assessment at our centre.

2. Professional Free Assessment

After the assessment, we will be able to identify the most suitable CLASS and allocate an appropriate TIME SLOT for your child.

3. Enjoy Learning English

Enrol on our highly recommended class. 

Activity Name Age Fee
故事聆聽:幼兒透過故事不但能擴濶視野,接觸身邊以外的人事物,更藉著故事提升幼兒的理解能                       力、詞彙數量、句式表達/連接詞運用、敍述能力、解難能力、推理能力及創造力。
唱遊律動:幼兒唱遊時隨著唱歌學習運用聲線,如大細聲,透過音樂旋律擺動身體,感受音樂高                           低、強弱、快慢,如拍手、叉腰、點頭、扭腰、擺頭、伸腿、拍腿、招手等,幼兒在簡                       易而有節奏的動作中逐步理解音樂的旋律和節奏。
美藝創作:美藝創作啟發幼兒創意思維,幼兒運用不同的美勞物料進行創作活動,感受美藝活動的                       樂趣,並欣賞其他幼兒作品,培養欣賞別人的態度。
小食嘗試:幼兒製作小食時,能嚐試不同食物的味道,同時,讓幼兒知道食物需要珍惜,不要浪                           費,並且培養幼兒不偏食的習慣。
感統遊戲:感覺統合遊戲能加強幼兒感官的敏感度,如視覺、觸覺、聽覺、味覺、前庭平衡覺、筋                       肉關節感等,幼兒透過感統遊戲,產生對外在環境的接觸,促進幼兒與環境的互動,提                       高兒童學的專注力及身體協調能力。
英語互動:多聽多說是學習第二語言的重要元素,幼兒透過與英語老師互動唱歌、遊戲及對話,能                       加強幼兒學習英語的能力,並透過英語說故事,加強兒童對英語的興趣。
Hooray! Playgroups have a lot to offer in English learning.
During this 1-hour playgroup, your child can:
~Learn English
~Socialize and play with other toddlers
~Learn by singing and taking part in appropriate activities
~Learn by playing with our specially selected developmental toys
~Have fun learning to say and listen to Phonetic sounds
~Have lots of fun with our arts and crafts
~Learn classroom skills: sharing, taking turns, class routine
This unique English playgroup teaches toddlers how to communicate, play together and make friends,
while applying what they have learnt in English to their relationships with one another. 
Fun 2 Grow Will help prepare your child for their next step to pre-nursery or kindergarten.
Class Length: One hour (60 minutes)
Course Fee: $800 (4 lessons)
2 to 3  $200 Per session
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