Shenyang Sunrise Cultural Communication Co.,Ltd. (沈阳尚瑞文化)
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Address: 828 21# Guangyi Street Shen He District, Shenyang Liaoning Province, PRC (China)
Phone: 024-885851227
E-mail:[email protected]
Category: EnglishTutorial
Person in charge: Jason Yang

Sunrise has devoted herself to be one of the best ESL job agencies in China since it's established, by providing ESL jobs, TEFL jobs for esl teachers. For more details, contact sunrise!
Sunrise was founded in March 2010 on the basis of connecting great teachers with great schools in China. After many years of foreign teachers coming to China, there have been many unfortunate situations happened between these two groups. A school’s reputation relies on its teachers. The teachers must trust their schools as they brave moving to a new country. Neither group wants to be let down. Sunrise has been designed to the one who can fill the gap between these two groups.
Sunrise has built its own system to select trustworthy schools from thousands of schools around China. Therefore, sunrise has confident in providing a source of great jobs to teachers and also saving time and cost for schools.
Sunrise is here to help teachers land their dream jobs, make their transitions to China smoothly and have great experience teaching in China.
Improve the ESL teachers in China environment and raise the bar for quality conduct within the industry
Help others have amazing experience in China
Provide the highest service in the teach abroad industry
Candidates have two options to apply their jobs.
First, apply online. Searching your dream jobs online, then apply. If not, go to second option.
Second, contacting with us by email or Skype. Remember to send your recent photo, resume, scan of your certifications (TEFL/degrees) and passport.
After we get your application, we’ll start to find schools for you according to your requirement. When we find the matched jobs for you, we’ll connect with you by Skype or email to arrange interviews. If everything works great, a contract will wait for you. If not, we’ll keep looking for you. Just remember sunrise will be here for you through the whole process of hunting for a job, job interview, communicating with school and moving to China.
The sunrise is working with hundreds of reputable schools around China and has already helped hundreds of foreign teachers land their dream jobs. We’ll provide you the most options.
The sunrise has built its system to select schools and ensure that foreign teachers will work in a great environment.
The schools we work with provide the most competitive package for teachers. Live great in China!
The sunrise will be here for you through the whole process. If you have any question, just contact with us. We’ll be the first friend and best partners in China.

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