Wiener Klang (維也納國際音樂學院)
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District: Tin Hau
Address: 17/F, Parkview Centre, 7 Lau Li Street, Tin Hau, HK
Phone: 22640102 / 22640062
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 每日9am to 6pm
Category: PianoPlaygroupEnglishViolinCelloViolaInstrumentsOther Arts/Interests
Person in charge: Jessica Chen
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As Brain develops rapidly from birth to 6 years old, education is especially important during this early childhood, Early Childhood Music Education (ECME) certificate program, offered yb Wiener Klang, is designed to develop music foundation and various domains for children based on the world renowned music teaching methodologies such as Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze.
幼兒成長由零至6 歲, 是腦部迅速發育的重要時期, 幼兒教育成為重要的一環。維也納國際音樂學院的維也納幼兒音樂證書班 (ECME), 揉合多種歐洲著名的音樂教育方法如奧福式 (Orff)、高大宜式 (Kodaly) 及達爾克羅茲式 (Dalcroze) 等, 提供音樂基礎訓練以及兒童多元智能發展。

Summer Course 2-3 year old
With the aid of songs and musical instruments like percussion, children, children are encouraged to develop language skills, imagination and creativity. The dance and rhythmic movement enhanced motor muscles as it benifits body co-ordination skill that is important for future musical instrument practice.
介紹多種樂器, 利用歌曲及敲擊樂的配合來為兒童建造想像力及語言能力, 刺激感官發展, 訓練創意。加強律動訓練來增加肌肉動作, 訓練兒童的身體協調能力。
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