Better Chinese Education Center (大華風采教育中心)
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District: Causeway Bay
Address: 5, Honest Motors Building, 9-11, Leighton Road
Phone: 25233899 / 35688645
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: Mon-Fri 9:30am-6:30pm
Sat 9:00am-6:00pm
Closed on public holidays
Category: PlaygroupPutonghuaDramaChineseParent-Child
Person in charge: Rebecca Tam

Better Chinese Education Centre (BCEC) was established first in Hong Kong in 1998. It offers story-based and fun-filled activities that are conducted in Mandarin to children, particularly those whose prevailing language environment is not Chinese. Understanding the learning needs of children, the Centre provides an authentic language learning experience that are communicatively-rich and activity-based, where games and songs, drama and art occur through interaction under meaningful context.

快樂華語教育中心 Better Chinese Education Centre (BCEC) 1998年在香港創辦。終生學習是一個充滿冒險、喜悅與實現抱負的奇妙旅程。在廿一世紀全球化的國際環境下,國界之間的相互溝通與了解尤為重要。中心成立至今,致力透過故事、遊戲、童謠、戲劇及藝術等多元有趣的學習活動,讓兒童在充滿互動及樂於溝通的氣氛下學習中文,培養兒童在廿一世紀中所需的溝通與學習能力。


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