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OpenClass had been in service since 2010 and this directory listing service for learning centres had helped optimised the search engine ranking as well as gaining visibility for learning centres. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company Art Group Limited have decided to decommission this website on Apr 30th 2020 and this domain name will continue to service learning centres with another new innovative service beginning on June 1st, 2020

Play Plus Group (大草地全人發展中心)
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District: Tuen Mun
Address: 屯門屯喜路2號屯門柏麗廣場16樓1616室
Phone: 35798600
Office hour: Mon- Fri 10:30-18:30
Sat 9:30-18:30
Category: Preparatory CourseLiberal StudiesOther AcademicCooking Arts CraftsMagicPianoIntelligenceEmotionalConcentrationPre-NurseryPlaygroupBrain TrainingReading & WritingMathematicsEnglishPutonghuaDramaTour/TripThinkingLeadershipChinesePaintingEloquenceGuitarScienceEventTutorialSensory IntegrationOther Multiple QuotientParent CourseSeminarOther Infant/ChildClimbingTennisSquashPhoneticSketchClayVisual ArtsPotteryCalligraphyOther Arts/InterestsBirthday PartyVolunteerOrienteeringCampingOther ActivityOther TrainingInnovationSpeechDesignModel MakingCommunicationPublic ExaminationWorkshopPrimary EducationSecondary EducationEmotional Intelligence
Age Group: 16
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