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甚麼是立技綜合格鬪技「Shoot Boxing」?

「Shoot Boxing」是武術的一種,起源於踢拳道。由踢拳道高手,凱撒武志先生(Caesar Takeshi)於1985年9月正式創立。並於1985年9月1日開始了第一 場Shoot Boxing的正式比賽。

「Shoot Boxing」又稱為「立技綜合格鬪技」。無論是「Shoot Boxing」或 「Shootboxing」, 甚至在日本專用語中的「立技綜合格(鬪/鬥)技」全部都具有同等的定義。加上,「立技綜合格鬪技Shoot Boxing」可直接解說為「立技綜合格鬪 技Shoot Boxing公司」即日語中的「立技綜合格鬪技シュートボクシング公式サ イト」。

「Shoot Boxing」結集了拳、踢、膝、摔投及站立關節技等技巧,是一種由MMA 格鬪技獨立演變出來的運動,在整個過程中要像「武士的戰鬥」,省去僵持在地面的寢技,在忠於站立戰鬥的規則中,馬不停蹄地比賽。因此便成為了一項新的 格鬥運動,並流行於世界各地。
武 術家桜井速人(Hayato Sakurai) 也是從Shoot Boxing開始其職業生涯。 Shoot Boxing比賽也令多位拳手一舉成名, 例如Jens Pulyer。 而多位世界級拳手也因為參加 Shoot Boxing 的比賽變得更有名氣, 例如 Andy Souwer, Albert Kraus , HAYATØ, Buakaw Por. Pramuk 和 Davey Abdullah等。

What is Shoot Boxing?

Shoot Boxing 立技綜合格鬪技 (シュートボクシング) is a martial art that has its origins in kickboxing. It allows for kicking, punching, throwing and standing submissions.  Shoot Boxing is also a stand-up fighting
promotion company based in Tokyo, Japan. The organization was founded by former kickboxer Mr. Caesar Takeshi in 1985. The first Shoot Boxing event took place on September 1, 1985.

Shoot Boxing has also drawn fighters who became famous in other combative sports such as Jens Pulver.  Many K-1 World MAX stars also either debuted in Shoot boxing or have fought for Shoot boxing in the past, including Andy Souwer, Albert Kraus, HAYATØ, Buakaw Por, Pramuk, and Davey Abdullah among others.  Andy Souwer, the KING of SHOOT BOXING also lead him to K1, to win K-1 World MAX stars.

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