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About Pinnacle

Pinnacle Consulting Group is a leading education consulting agency that specializes in helping individuals gain acceptance to the most selective undergraduate, graduate and professional schools in the United States. We give students a competitive advantage in the admissions process by constructing unique and robust applications that highlight their strength, passion and dedication. We also provide test preparation, academic tutoring and career counseling services.

Our Team

Our admissions consultants include Ivy League-trained writers, recruiters, strategists, and marketers with over 20 years of educational and college admissions experiences on average. Our team members have worked in admissions offices, published books, taught university level classes and have strong personal relationships with Ivy League admissions offices. We understand the intricacies of the US college admissions process and know what it takes to get accepted to the best programs. We have a proven track record of sending applicants to the most selective universities in the world.


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