HKMSUA (Hong Kong Music Scholar United Association) (音樂音樂人聯會)
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Hong Kong Music Scholar United Association (HKMSUA), we are a group of people who find our passion at music. Music is always fascinating and what we care about. Yet, for all musicians who fall in love with music, they all found difficulties to make a living because finding students may somehow be a tough work for them, not to mention dealing with the operation stuff (e.g, payment issue) is always troublesome for everyone of them. Also, as a music learner, we used to spend quite a lot of time just for seeking our perfect music teachers. Yet, the matter of fact is that it will never be a simple task and there is never a convenient place for us to make it. As such, we decided to create an associaiton with a group of passionate musicians that provide personal music TUTOR SERVICE for all who want to learn music, which bring everyone to have the chance to realize the wonder of playing music. 

HKMSUA (Hong Kong Music Scholar United Association),我們旨在建立一個音樂人的烏托邦。 
音樂總是有著吸引人類的神奇力量,它是上帝賦予我們的禮物,它是我們發自內心的共通語言。 HKMSUA (香港音樂人聯會),我們是一群對音樂抱有絶對熱誠的人,事實上,相信很多人也十分熱愛音樂的。然而,即使您有多熱愛音樂,您又會不會選擇以音樂作為職業?對於所有愛上音樂的人來說,這問題或許都曾經折磨過自己的内心。因為大家都知道,音樂不是掙錢的行業(至少對我們而言,娛樂界不算是理想的音樂事業)。因此,難以找到謀生的工作,在某程度上阻止了大家去踏上音樂人生。 

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