Tai Po Fencing Course (大埔劍擊訓練班)
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District: Tai Po
Address: 太和體育館 / 大埔體育館 / 富亨體育館 / 大埔區其他體育館
Phone: 81074686
E-mail:[email protected]
Category: Fencing
Tai Po Fencing Course is organized by Academy of Fencing (Hong Kong). It provides fencing course, lesson and class to the kids, children, students and adults in the indoor sports centre of the Tai Po region. Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses of foil, epee and sabre are also available.
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上課地點: 大埔區體育館
查詢及報名 Enquiry and Application
Tele: 8107 4686
大埔劍擊訓練班 Tai Po Fencing Course
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