100 Fun Education Centre
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District: North Point
Address: 22/F, 4 Kam Hong Street, North Point, Hong Kong
Phone: 35648100
E-mail:[email protected]
Category: Arts CraftsPre-NurseryPlaygroupMathematicsEnglishParent-ChildTutorialSketchClayCalligraphyOther Arts/InterestsDesignCommunicationPrimary Education
Person in charge: Ms Chan
Age Group: 2-13

We are a local education centre located in North Point, Hong Kong.  We provide an exceptionally high quality, developmentally balanced early learning, education programs for school children.

100 FUN 教育中心致力為小朋友創造一個安全, 輕鬆而健康的學習環境, 提供高質素學校以外的教育確保每位同學都有平衡的發展;  我們有專業而耐心的導師, 不同類型的課程, 發掘每位小朋友在不同層面上的才能,令他們在學習道路上暢通無阻

Activity Name Age Fee
Year of the Dog Fun Workshop will be held on 18/2 (Sun) from 2-5pm! Everybody can come to join us to celebrate the year of the dog, activities include lantern DIY, Lucky cookies baking, riddle games and other festival events!
Entry fee is $100/ kid all inclusive, bring your buddies to join our joyful event!
Click here to signup online:
狗年旺財活動日將於大年初三星期日18/2 下午2-5點舉行, 歡迎各位大大細細小朋友一齊參加! 活動包括可愛燈籠DIY ,有獎燈謎遊戲,揮春曲奇制作以及更多新年慶祝節目!
活動費用每位小朋友$100 已包括所有費用
3 to 13  $100
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