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District: Causeway Bay
Address: 701, 7/F, Eton Tower, 8 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay
Phone: 2972 2698 / 2972 2362
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 10 AM to 8PM Everyday
Category: Preparatory CourseIntelligenceBrain TrainingThinkingEloquenceTutorialFinanceManagementLegalSalesBusinessInnovationEntrepreneurshipCommunicationPrimary EducationSecondary EducationEmotional Intelligence
Person in charge: Samuel
Registration No.: 584509
Age Group: 3-18
Senate House Hong Kong is a team of exceptional Tutors and Admission Coaches from Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, LSE and HKU with diverse focuses and professional experience.  Senate House Hong Kong are a registered institution in Hong Kong under the Education Bureau of HKSAR.

Learning at Senate House Hong Kong is kept fun and interesting. It is our passion and commitment that we can achieve an education that enriches, enlightens, and liberates, that fosters understanding, strengthens judgment, improves reasoning, and imparts a clear sense of the relevance of inquiry for the greater good of humanity. At Senate House Hong Kong, we demonstrate unequivocally that these goals are feasible.


Senate House Hong Kong redefines approach to education and admissions, beyond stimulating the senses, away from beginning and ending in a class-room setting, towards creating a culture of lifelong learning. Students become great by choice.

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Young Banker (12-18 YO)
(Curriculum & Materials Developed by Investment Bankers, CFA/FRM Awardees)

Lectures on the basics of business and financial industry, including knowledge and skills that students need as future bankers, managers and entrepreneurs; business case studies will be conducted, together with interactive activities such as Equity and Currency Flow Trading Games and Cash Flow simulations.

The Professional Series - Young Banker
Real time Equity, Bullion, Currency Trading Game
Dragon’s Den style Seed / Private Equity Fund pitching Challenge
Option Pricing Model & Game theory in practice
Personal Finance Management Skills & Business Proposal Writing
Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) & Past I-Banker Interview Drills
Interactive Industry Insights through Experiential and Practical Business Case Studies
  $450 Per session
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