Koto Education EXPERIENCE
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District: Kowloon Station
Address: 奧運站埃華街76-96號大成商場 1 樓 10 號室 (從奧運站B出口經有蓋行人天橋步行約5分鐘)
Phone: 9532 6123
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 9:30am - 1:30pm
Sundays and Public holidays: Close
Category: Preparatory CourseLiberal StudiesPre-NurseryPlaygroupBrain TrainingReading & WritingEnglishPutonghuaDramaThinkingLeadershipEloquenceTutorialVisitSpeechCommunicationWorkshopPrimary Education
Age Group: 3-12

About us
KOTO education EXPERIENCE™ (KOTO Edu) is an educational approach that aims to help your kids to improve academically in a knowledge-based through English as a medium. We also aim to help them to grow, mature, build up self-esteem, and be moral leaders of the future.

Only us
We instil sportsmanship into learning. Sports has always been a universal language for everyone, of all ages and of all ethnicity. With our unique sporting environment which complements with our exciting teaching style, kids are inspired to LOVE Learning, LOVE English™ and much more.

KOTO education EXPERIENCE™ (KOTO教育體驗™)為學生提供英語為主的學習課程,幫助學生真正掌握英語,在輕鬆開心的環境中成長、學習,培養學生成為一個成熟,有自信,散發正面能量的領袖。


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