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District: Tsim Sha Tsui
Address: Suite 1303, 13/F, Hon Kwok Jordan Centre, 7 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.
Phone: 37582839
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Person in charge: Elaine
Age Group: 12-18

Why learn a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language boosts your CV, allowing you to explore more and better career opportunities beyond your country. It comes in handy when traveling and allows you to communicate better and connect more easily with foreign speakers. It doesn’t end there. Learning a foreign language has extensive cognitive benefits as proven by countless studies. To name a few:

You become smarter, build multitasking skills, delay dementia, improve memory, become more perceptive, improve your decision-making skills. Read this article written by Anne Merritt if you want to know more.

What do we offer?

We are currently offering a series of courses in English, German, SpanishFrenchJapanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. We offer group courses as well private classes, language courses as well as cultural classes, courses for adults and students as well as classes for kids. Click here for course overview.

We have regular courses throughout the year. Our Instant A1 series can bring you from zero to A1 level in 40 contact hours (while conventional courses will take around 100 contact hours). We have special terms over Easter, Summer and Christmas where intensive courses are offered. We also offer ongoing courses and we tailor-make catch-up classes for private individuals who want to join in the middle of a group course or a level where he/she is not yet adequate for.

This year we are also offering three summer scholarships to students. Click here for application details.

How does it work?

Language proficiency can be divided into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Students in level A are basic users, those in level B are independent users and people in level C are proficient users. Read this page for more information.

We offer group courses on the levels of A1, A2 and B1. Students beyond B1 level can opt for our private classes.

What if you embark on this journey?

As the philosopher Wittgenstein says, “Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.“ (The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.) If you embark on the journey of language learning with us, you will develop your intellects and gradually be transcending your own worldview. On a more practical level, you will very soon be using languages correctly and confidently, expressing yourself with ease, and developing better social skills.

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Commupro Learn mandarin in hongkong 今日為大家指導:如何訓練自己的普通話?怎樣才能學好普通話呢?【Commupro mandarin course 】認為學習普通話並不難, 下幾點要求來做就一定能講一口流利的普通話。首先,這四步在你將要開始學普通話之初,就要準備好材料以及心理素質的培養。1、買本現代漢語大辭典。2、買幾盤教嬰幼兒說話的磁帶,或小學一二年級的語文光盤。3、早起半個小時像念英語一樣去大聲地練習普通話。4、多說繞口令。那麼怎樣才能Learn mandarin in hongkong得到高分呢?1.克服心理障礙普通話並不難學,難的是對心理狀態的調整和改善。許多同學在學習普通話時害怕自己因生 硬彆扭的發音出醜,或是畏懼長時間訓練的困難,這些心理障礙常常使學習進步緩慢。針對 這種情況,我們需要及時調節我們的心理狀態,放下心理包袱,大膽地開口講。任何學習都有一個從拙笨到熟練的過程,學習普通話也不例外,要儘早達到熟練程度,只有下苦功夫克服困難,戰勝畏懼心理,才能成為學習中的勝利者。反之,如果在學習中過分顧及面子,不敢坦然面對自己的發音缺陷,更不能以頑強的意志和艱苦的努力去克服,改善它,一味的退避畏縮,其結果不僅使自己付出了時間和精力卻收效甚微,而且容易造成心理上的陰影,加重今後學習和生活的負擔。2.創造良好的語言環境任何語言都離不開具體的語言環境。它直接影響和製約著語言的學習和應用。在學習普通話的過程中,我們一定要克服本地方言環境的負面影響,盡可能為自己創造一個有利的普通話環境。要做好這一點的關鍵在於主觀認識的加強。如果我們有了學好普通話的迫切要求,自然就容易對普通話產生特別的興趣和高度的自覺性,自覺尋找各種可以接觸普通話的機會,對普通話學習的強烈願望還可以促使自己自覺地運用普通話進行閱讀和思維,這樣做會有力的促進普通話口語表達。3.注意自己的學習方法我們學習普通話的目的是能聽,能說標準的普通話。這就要求我們改變多年對方言的聽說習慣,建立一種全新的聽說能力,這並非一朝一夕的易事。一方面我們要花大力氣,下苦功夫,老老實實地學習;另一方面也應該地採用恰當的學習方法。CommuPro提供Learn mandarin in hong kong:職場普通話課程設計以職場普通話用語為主,讓學員對於公司內部和對外接洽的普通話用語有初步認識。學習普通話語音是掌握標準普通話、糾正發音誤差的基本。多變、靈活的教學法,使學習拼音不乏趣味。內容包括:日常會話、自我介紹、申請假期、通勤加班、嘉許推薦、公司活動、辦公衣著、飯局聚會、性格檢示、工作態度。系列長度: 60 節更多課程:Coporate English training, Cantonese course hong kong, learn german hk聯絡Commupro(官網:http://www.commupro.com電郵:[email protected]電話:(+852) 37582839地址:尖沙咀東部新文華中心B座10樓1011-15
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