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Dance With Style (舞风格)
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District: Central
Phone: 63896213
E-mail:[email protected]
Person in charge: Javed Rasool
Age Group: 5-50
DANCE WITH STYLE provides top quality Salsa dance instruction for Adults, Teens & Kids in a studio environment to fulfill your goals and take your dancing skills to the next level.

We offer a variety of ways to learn to dance, from public group lessons to personal one-on-one lessons or personal group lessons with your family and friends or any combination of it.

Corporate dance workshops and event dance lessons which are fun and exciting at your work place or event or anywhere else of your choice.

Your Entertainment is our goal!
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SALSA is QUICK, EASY n FUN to LEARN. So what are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW!
CHOOSE THE DATE & TIME CONVENIENT TO YOU – We welcome all adults and children, couples and singles to join our classes and we guarantee you loads of fun while learning a new dance form with all proper technique! Our classes are open to all age groups starting from the age of 8 years and above!
SATURDAY SALSA CLASSES: 5, 12, 19 & 26th August 2017
6:40-7:40PM: Absolute Salsa Beginners.
7:40-8:40PM: Intermediate Salsa Level
8:40-9:40PM: Advance Salsa Level
SUNDAY BACHATA: 6, 13, 20 & 27th August 2017
4:00-5:00PM: Intermediate Bachata Level
7:00-8:00PM: Absolute Bachata Beginners
SUNDAY SALSA CLASSES: 6, 13, 20 & 27th August 2017
6:00-7:00PM: Absolute Salsa Beginners
SUNDAY SALSA CLASSES FOR KIDS & TEENS: 6, 13, 20 & 27th August 2017
5:00-6:00PM: Absolute Salsa Beginners for Kids & Teens (8 – 17 yrs)
These classes will help you learn the dance and build your confidence in being in the spotlight on the dance floor. 
8 to 80  $900
Total 4 Session
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