Kids Playhouse
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District: Tseung Kwan O
Address: UG 28B 18 Pui Shing Road Maritime Bay Tseung Kwan O
Phone: 2705 5123
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: MON to SAT 9:30 - 6:45
SUN 10:00 - 4:00
Category: Cooking Arts CraftsTaekwondoPianoIntelligenceEmotionalConcentrationPlaygroupBrain TrainingEnglishPutonghuaDramaParent-ChildSensory IntegrationOther Multiple QuotientParent CourseSeminarOther Infant/ChildOther SportsClaySpeechWorkshopEmotional Intelligence
Person in charge: Sally Carole Gibson
Age Group: 1-12

KIDS PLAYHOUSE一間由資深學前教育工作者創辦的多元化兒童遊戲室。我們確認一個充滿愛心和愉快氣氛的學習環境,對於兒童的均衡發展極為重要。透過我們悉心安排的各項活動及遊戲,讓孩子在學前階段或課餘時間,在最輕鬆愉快的環境下享受學習的樂趣,幫助他們健康快樂地成長 !

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Christmas is coming!
Come and join our Christmas courses catered for your children. We offer a variety of fun Christmas events!
聖  聖誕快將來臨,Kids Playhouse 於這個特別節日安排了多個不同類型的活動,讓小朋友能在課堂裏認識新朋友,學習分享及豐富假期。

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