Smartieland Learning Centre
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District: Kowloon Tong
Address: 九龍塘喇沙利道五號一樓
Phone: (852) 2338 6019 / (852) 2338 6019
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm
星期一至星期六, 早上+時至下午六時
Category: PlaygroupReading & WritingEnglishTutorialPrimary Education
Age Group: 2-10

Smartieland Learning Centre's mission is to provide the best and the preferred choice of early learning centre for parents, children and our staff. We create a nurturing and loving environment where children will have fun and excel in learning.
We are responsible for providing a clean, safe, and educational experience for the childen who attend Smartieland Learn Centre.
We hire highly qualified educators with love, caring and passion to design and teach inspiring lessons to meet educational goals.
Smartieland Pty Ltd has been selected as an exclusive distribution partner of Elf help books, Just for me books and a series of classic books written by Munro Leaf in Hong Kong and China region.

Smartieland 學習中心的宗旨是為家長,孩子和我們的工作人員提供最好的學習中心。我們創建了一個栽培孩子和充滿愛的環境,並小班教學,讓孩子從樂趣中學習,打破傳統英語學習法、提高英語成績。

我們聘請高質素及富經驗的外籍教育工作者,用心設計課程,孩子在全英語學習環境, 提升他們英語語言發展。

Smartieland 也是著名圖書的獨家分銷商, 書本包括 Elf Help Kids Books, Just For Me,及一系列由著名美國作家Munro Leaf編寫的兒童圖書。我們主理香港和中國的分銷業務。

學前,小學英語課程 :
  • Kinderland Playgroup 幼兒遊戲學習組適合1  2 歲兒童
  • 英語拼音天地 Phonicsland 適合3 6 歲兒童
  • 英話故事天地Storyland適合2.5 6 歲兒童
  • 詩詞寫作天地Poetryland適合3  10 歲兒童
  • 創意寫作, 英語文法督導班 Creative Writing and Gramma Enhancement 適合小學一至四年級學生
  • Trinity GESE 考試(Graded Examinations in Spoken English)是測試聽說能力的考試,分為12個等級。適合4 歲以上兒童
  • Trinity Young Performers Certificates 這是為孩子而設的戲劇班,旨在透過互動及表演,培養孩子自信,樂趣與成就感,適合2  7 歲兒童
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Creative Writing,
Grammar Enhancement and English Homework Tutoring
Several topics are covered in this course:
•Writing (作文)
•Reading and comprehension (閱讀理解)
•Grammar (英語文法)
•Punctuation (學習標點)
•School homework tutoring (功課補習)

Our tailored program is designed to complement our student's particular syllabus or curriculum, with a scope of extension or remedial work as required. Our native-speaking English teachers will assist classroom homework, so students are well prepared for their English classes throughout school year.
Students will be inspired in this syllabus to have a fun English learning experience. They will develop an ability to listen, read, write and communicate with confidence.

課程現正招生。詳情請聯絡中心職員, 電話 2338 6019。
6 or above ( P1-P4 ) $1800
Total 4 Session
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