Top Sidus Education Centre (星耀教育)
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District: Kowloon Station
Address: 大角咀大角咀道38號新九龍廣場地下051號
Phone: 21160556
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: Mon- Fri 15:00- 20:00
Sat & Sun 11:00- 18:00
Category: Other AcademicMathematicsEnglishThinkingTutorial
Person in charge: Victor Cheng
Registration No.: 5706018
Age Group: 5-12
Top Sidus Education can direct and guide our students in learning effectively and efficiently, and LEARN MORE ultimately.   To assure our teaching quality, we do:
1. Small-class Teaching: Mostly 4:1 for TSE Eng / TSE Maths, and 6:1 for TSE Homework Tutorial
2. Understand students’ capabilities: Students are requested to provide their past test papers and workbooks in advance to prepare suitable levels of learning materials.
3. Regular quiz: It is a guideline in adjusting students’ learning schedules, and demonstrates their developments to their parents.
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