Arty Lab
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District: Central
Address: 香港中環伊利近街15-19號大利樓2樓B室
Phone: 21522210
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: 0900-2100
Category: Arts CraftsPaintingOther MusicSketchClayVisual ArtsPhotographyOther Arts/Interests
Person in charge: Vincent
Arty Lab 致力於融藝術於教育,用繪畫、手工、攝影、戲劇等多元藝術啟發多元智能;以輕鬆有趣形式激發想像、創意、思考、好奇心等珍貴品質。


We facilitate learning through the Arts
The purpose of Arty lab is to learn through the arts and to discover multiple intelligences through painting, craft, photography, drama and other artistic media, using fun and relaxing ways to awaken imagination, creativity, critical thinking, curiosity, etc.

Nowadays, people ignore this type of quality education in favour of rote learning. However, learning through the arts is an intrinsic part of a child’s well rounded development. Here at Arty Lab, talent can be nurtured, potential can be discovered and experience can be built on. Learning and playing are not mutually exclusive; learning can be fun too.
Activity Name Age Fee
兒童創意畫班    Age: 3 ~ 6。。。7 ~ 12   $980 / 月。$280 X 8堂。$260 X 16堂

以繪畫為主,輔以特別物料,煣合多種手法創作個性作品 (混合不同的創作媒介)
Various materials are used in painting to assist the cultivation of sensitivity and understanding of visual arts.
3 to 12  $980
Total 4 Session
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