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District: Fortress Hill
Address: 11/F Universal Commercial House, 4 Shell Street, Fortress Hill
Phone: 25492259
E-mail:[email protected]
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Person in charge: Ms. Lau

Music Story Seeds provides quality English and Music courses for children aged 1.5 to 8. Our teachers are dedicated educators who take pride in designing a well-rounded curriculum for young children.  Academic learning as well as moral teaching are treated with equal importance in our classrooms. We believe smart children with good ethics lead a better future.

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READER'S PARADISE nurtures the love for stories in preschoolers, sparks reading interests in early readers and provides an environment for creative writing for young writers. Each class starts with creative story-telling, drama activities, vocabulary and sentence construction, followed by reading and/or writing exercises.
5 to 7  $200 Per session
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PHONICS GARDEN is designed to enhance listening, phonemic awareness and vocabulary. Letterland resources are used to introduce letter sounds, blends and digraphs. The children bond quickly with the letterland characters as they act out their stories. Our experienced teacher will help them to revise letter sounds and build words with lots of games and action.
2.5 to 6  $200 Per session
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2 to 3  $180 Per session
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