Bumble Tots (蹦蹦跳)
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District: Ma On Shan
Address: 1, The Waterside Mall, 15 on chun street
Phone: 26314001 / 26314501
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: Mon,Tue,Thu 10:00-19:00
Fri,Sat,Sun 10:00-20:00
Wed (OFF)
Category: PlaygroupEnglishPutonghuaChineseParent-ChildEventOther Infant/ChildBirthday PartyManagementBusiness
Person in charge: B.Wong
Registration No.: b26314001

  About Us 關於我們   Come on kids, let's have a race, To a new fascinating place! At Bumble Tots it's so much fun, So giggle, shuffle, leap and run! Crawl and wriggle like a worm, Bounce and jump and hop - and learn! Climb and slide and bump and swing, Bumble Tots has everything! 小朋友,一起來玩吧!蹦蹦跳是一個刺激互動的室內遊樂場,適合十歲或以下的小朋友前來玩耍。遊樂場設有各式富挑排戰性的障礙遊戲和活動,訓練小朋友的「粗」肌動技能, 幫助肌肉及動作發展。 立即來蹦蹦跳,看看你的小朋友能否在2.5米長的「地面互動鋼琴」彈奏樂曲,或在「捕捉螢火蟲」遊戲中成功逮住發光螢光蟲?蹦蹦跳適合一家大小歡渡時光,絕對能叫小朋友盡興而歸!   We are a SOCKS ONLY playground (both adults and children). 所有進入蹦蹦跳的大人及小童,均須穿著襪子。   -----------------------------------------------------   PRICES 入場費   Admission fee includes entry for one adult per child and unlimited play time! 每位小童均可由一名成人免費陪同入場,無時限地盡興全日   Weekdays (Mon – Thurs) 星期一至四 $80 per child (includes 1 adult) 每名小童  $80 Weekday Happy Hour (5-7pm) 星期一至四歡樂時光 (5PM- 7PM) $50 per child (includes 1 adult) 每名小童  $50 Weekends (Fri – Sun & Public Holidays) 星期五至日及公眾假期 $100 per child (includes 1 adult) 每名小童 $100 Weekends Happy Hour (5-8pm) 星期五至日及公眾假期歡樂時光(5PM- 8PM) $80 per child (includes 1 adult) 每名小童 $80 Extra Adult (any day, any time) 每名額外成人(任何日子) $40       -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   OPENING TIMES 開放時間   Monday to Thursdays: 10am to 7:00pm 星期一至四:上午10時至晚上7時   Fridays to Sundays & public holidays: 10am to 8:00pm 星期五至日及公眾假期:上午10時至晚上8時   Last entry 30 mins before closing. 最後入場時間: 關閉前30分鐘   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   PARTY BOOKINGS 舉辦派對     Bumble Tots is a fantastic place for hosting hassle-free birthday parties for a minimum of 10 kids. You will have your own decorated party room, personalized birthday banner, balloons, party accessories plus unlimited amount of play-time at Bumble Tots. 蹦蹦跳是舉辦生日派對的理想場地;派對最少需有10名小童參加。舉辦派對的朋友可享私人派對房、度身設計之生日橫額、汽球佈置、派對用品。所有參加派對的朋友更可於當日無時間限制地盡情在樂園內狂歡!   PARTY PRICES 派對收費   WEEKEND (Fri – Sun & Public Holiday) 星期五至日及公眾假期 10 Kids and 10 adults十位小童及十位成人 $2400 20 Kids and 20 adults二十位小童及二十位成人 $3600 30 Kids and 30 adults 三十位小童及三十位成人 $4800 Extra Child每名額外小童 $160 Extra Adult每名額外成人 $50       WEEKDAY (Mon – Thurs) 星期一至四 10 Kids and 10 adults 十位小童及十位成人 $1900 20 Kids and 20 adults 二十位小童及二十位成人 $2900 30 Kids and 30 adults三十位小童及三十位成人 $3800 Extra Child 每名額外小童 $130 Extra Adult 每名額外成人 $50       Note: Party Package does not include food and drink. However, we can help you to arrange thisor you can organize your own catering. 派對食物及飲品並不包括在內 (本園另設派對美食安排服務,亦可選擇自攜食物進場)       GROUP BOOKINGS 團體預約   We offer discounts for group bookings for a minimum of 10 kids. Entrance fees also include entry for one adult per child. Group bookings can only be made for weekday visits only. Full payment required in advance. 團體預約(包括最少十名小童)可享折扣優惠。每位小童均可由一名成人免費陪同入場。團體預約只限平日(星期一至四),亦需預繳全費。   10-20 kids/10-20名小童 $72 per child (10% discount) / 每名小童 $72(9折優惠) 21+ kids/21名或以上小童 $68 per child (15% discount) / 每名小童$68(額外85折扣優惠) Extra Adults / 額外成人   $40 per adult  /  每名成人$40         -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Safety and Hygiene   安全及衛生   Bumble Tots is cleaned and sanitized daily. We use non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for children. Bumble Tots also uses a long-term non-toxic anti-microbial treatment to combat viruses and bacteria in the play centre. To minimize risk of germs spreading, we require all guests entering to sterilize their hands and we check everyone’s temperature. 蹦蹦跳每日都會經過徹底清潔及消毒。所有清潔用品都不含毒性,對人體亦無害。蹦蹦跳更將整個場地用長效消毒抗菌治理來消滅病毒及病菌。為了減低細菌傳播的機會,所有來賓入場前都要消毒雙手及量度體溫。   The Bumble Tots playground has been built in accordance with European safety standards. The playground is designed in accordance to BS EN1176/77 for indoor play.  The events and materials are approved by TUV and APAVE .  All materials have been tested to the latest EU flammability test. 蹦蹦跳之遊戲設施均符合歐洲安全標準. 其設計亦符合室內樂園國際標準 BS EN1176/ 77,所用物料均通過德國TUV、法國APAVE安全測試及歐聯的最新易燃測試。   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Rules of Play 蹦蹦跳規則   Supervision & Safety 看管小童及安全事項   All children must be supervised by parents/guardians over 18 years old when playing in Bumble Tots. Parents/guardians assume full responsibility and liability for their children while at Bumble Tots. Bumble Tots will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents resulting from unsafe play and inappropriate use of the play equipment.   所有在蹦蹦跳遊玩的小童須由年滿18歲或以上的父母/監護人看管。父母/監護人須全權負責其小童在蹦蹦跳內的行為及安全。對因危險動作及不當使用場內設施引致受傷或意外事件,蹦蹦跳概不負責。   The Bumble Tots staff are there to monitor use of the equipment and to ensure these Rules of Play are observed. They are not authorized to supervise children. 蹦蹦跳的職員只負責監察入場人士是否正確使用設施及遵守本園規則,並未獲授權看管小童。 The Bumble Babies area is for children of 2 years old and younger only and their parents/guardians. “Bumble Babies”只開放予兩歲或以下之幼兒及其父母/監護人享用。   Food & Drink 食物及飲料   With the exception of party bookings, no outside food or drink can be brought into Bumble Tots except for baby food and food for special dietary requirements. No alcohol is permitted in Bumble Tots.  No parties are permitted without a party reservation. 除在樂園舉行派對外,入場人士不可攜帶外來食物或飲料進入本場,嬰兒食品及專為有特別飲食需要人士準備的食物除外。蹦蹦跳內嚴禁酒精飲品。欲於場內舉行派對必須預約。       Food and drinks can only be consumed in the coffee shop area (and party room if holding a party) and cannot be taken into the play areas. 入場人士只可在餐廳,或在舉行派對期間於派對房內享用食物及飲料;嚴禁其他玩樂區進食。   Appropriate Clothing 穿著適當衣飾   6.Please dress up appropriately when visiting Bumble Tots. For safety reasons, we do not recommend the wearing of any jewellery or garments with sharp objects or cords/strings. 請穿著適當衣飾進入蹦蹦跳。為安全起見,不建議配戴任何飾物或穿著帶有尖銳物品或長繩/帶的衣物。   To reduce grazes and scratches, we recommend children wear long trousers/leggings when playing at Bumble Tots. 為減少擦傷機會,樂園建議小童穿著長褲/貼身褲入場玩耍。   Personal Belongings 保管個人財物   We provide shoe slots to leave your shoes in. However, any shoes or other belongings are left at your own risk. 本園提供鞋架,供入場人士放置鞋子,唯本園並不負責看管鞋子或其他財物。 We provide a limited number of lockers for rental. Anything left in the lockers or in the play facility are left at your own risk and Bumble Tots does not accept any liability for any loss, theft or damage to your personal belongings. 本園提供小量儲物櫃,供入場人士租用,唯本園對任何個人財物損失、盜竊或損壞,概不負責。       There is limited space for parking buggies/strollers at your own risk. If possible, we recommend you leave these at home. 本園預留小量位置,供入場人士擺放嬰兒車,唯本園並不負責看管這些嬰兒車。本園建議入場人士盡量不要攜帶嬰兒車前來。   -------------------------------------------------------------------------   CONTACT US 聯絡我們   Units 4-12, First Floor The Waterside Mall 15 On Chun Street Ma On Shan Hong Kong   地址: 香港馬鞍山 鞍駿街15號 雅濤居購物商場 一樓4﹣12號舖   Tel電話: 2631 4001 Fax傳真: 2631 4501 E-mail一般查詢: [email protected] We are only 5 mins walk from Ma On Shan MTR station (Exit A). There is a car park in the building if you are driving. 於馬鞍山港鐵站出口,步行僅需五分鐘。商場設有停車場供駕車人士使用。  

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