Modern Spanish Language Centre
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District: Causeway Bay
Address: Unit601, 6/F, Professional Building, 19-23 Tung Lo Wan Road
Phone: 28951005 / 28952884
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm
Category: PlaygroupOthersParent-ChildTutorial
Person in charge: Ruby H.C.

Modern Spanish is an Exclusive Spanish Language School in Hong Kong that offers Spanish teaching and tutoring to individuals as a second language, with teaching facilities catering to all ages and levels of experience.

Modern Spanish is equipped with Native Spanish Tutors, modern classrooms and benefitting from a very convenient location, in the heart of Causeway Bay, offering classes ranging from Beginner to Advance Business Spanish. The Founder, a HKU Spanish Graduate and Hong Kong Business woman, identified an increasing demand for Spanish as a 3rdlanguage, where children are being taught Spanish in an attempt to set themselves apart from the crowd in an ever evolving environment.

Modern Spanish是一間在港註冊的西班牙語言學校。本校致力開辦西班牙語課程及推廣西班牙文化﹐ 使學生既能充分掌握西班牙語,亦能了解西班牙文化。

Modern Spanish 是全港首家開辦香港中學文憑西班牙語課程的西班牙語言學校。西班牙語已被教統局列為新高中三三四課程之可被選修課目之一﹔而除了本地需求增加外﹐對於有意在海外升學的學生﹐西班牙語更是首選。絕大部份海外大學生會於大學選修一門外語﹐由於西班牙語在世界各地非常普及﹐便順理成章地成為最熱門的選修外語。很多小學生自小便學習西班牙語﹐打好基礎。

西班牙語是世界第三語言﹐僅次於中文及英語。除西班牙本土以外,全球共有超過二十個國家接近四億人口以西班牙語作官方語言,包括大部份南美國家如墨西哥、 阿根廷、古巴及智利等。香港作為國際大都會﹐社會競爭激烈﹐要突圍而出﹐能操一門流利外語幾乎是不可或缺的。學習西班牙語的人口在過去十年間激增﹐這趨勢足以證明西班牙語是不二之選。

Modern Spanish 創辦人畢業於香港大學文學院﹐主修西班牙語。創辦人擁有多年校授西班牙語經驗﹐其學生遍佈全港﹐學生來自拔萃男書院﹐庇理羅士女子中學﹐英基學校等。Modern Spanish 於西班牙及南美國家聘請外籍校師﹐所有外籍校師均持有學士或碩士學位﹐並取得西班牙語教學學位。


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Free Trial
Years of research have confirmed that we do well learning languages very early in life. Modern Spanish has created Spanish courses to babies and toddlers up to 3 year-old.Before they focus on their native language, babies have an amazing ability to hear and absorb sounds that adults unconsciously block out, like the subtleties of a foreign language. Spanish course for babies can invigorate babies' minds and give them an extra edge for learning down the line.
Games, songs, multimedia, and arts & crafts will encourage children to develop their communication skills. The multicultural course will include materials from Spain and Latin America.
The children will have one class in a group of 5 or fewer students in the classroom in order to ensure he/she gets the individualized attention he/she needs to make real progress in Spanish.
Monthly: 1200HKD, 4 classes
Monthly: 2160HKD, 8 classes (2 classes a week)
3 or below  $1200
Total 4 Session
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