Baby Dance
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District: Jordan
Address: 1001, Austin Plaza, 83 Austin Road,
Phone: 53137199 / N/A
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: Monday to Sunday 9:30 - 5:30pm
Closed on all Public Holidays
Category: Pre-NurseryDancing
Person in charge: Daisy Chow / Stephanie Chan


Baby Dance is the ONE-STOP and ideal learning platform for parents and children. It is a fundamental concept of "DANCE" from the infant stage. Our courses are designed through talent development theory.

No child is too young for Baby Dance. All children from 0-3 years, including babies, love new experiences and benefit from developing sensory, social and communication skills through activities. Baby Dance offers children the opportunity to increase their cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills, body control, hand-eye co-ordination, spatial awareness, and mostly importantly, sense of rhythm. Children also develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills through their contact with other children and adults in their daily activities.

Baby Dance combines the 4 fundamental elements of Dance and Music – Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern together with body muscle development activities – Yoga, Gym, and Massage. This approach engages the whole body in the learning experience, which makes learning easier, more fun and memorable. Courses nurture your child’s love of dance and music through age sensitive and developmentally appropriate physical activities.

It is our goal at the Baby Dance to provide the best possible training and to develop each child’s talents to his or her potential from the infant stage. The ultimate purpose is to grow self-confidence and to find a healthy balance, which leads to a more successful life!


* A Baby Dance certificate will be issued for your baby upon completion of a 6-months course. The certificate is a recognized qualification for registering in SDM Jazz and Ballet Academic courses.
* Students have to complete at least 95% of the course attendance in order to receive the certificate.

Activity Name Age Fee
Kids at this age are trained to have an advanced mobility and physical skills. They started to walk up step and thus more progression on their body movements will be inserted with this group. Baby Yoga may further enhances their body tones and develop their flexibility and coordination.
By 3 years of age, children are mostly sweet as sugar. They have the ability to promote themselves to become an individual. This class is designed for these sweeties to get ready for their next critical yet exciting independent phase. Baby Dance instructor provides more complex instruction to further develop their body movements, sense of rhythm, and physical fitness, hence to boost up your child to be a real performer!
2 to 3 ( Baby ) $2280
Total 8 Session
Toddlers at this stage are tricky. They become a more proficient walker. They can walk alone well and maybe able to follow a simple command without a gesture. They’ve grown enough to have their own ideas and wants, but their bodies and emotions haven’t kept pace.

In Baby Dance, we nurture your baby with appropriate body movements and dancing activities to develop your baby’s body strength, spatial awareness, and balance.
Hoppers like to mimic parental activities such as cleaning up or talking on the phone. Other mimics could be any social behavior such as hugging a teddy bear or feeding a doll. With this innately mimicry, instructors nurture your children from muscular control, motor coordination, to professional techniques in dancing thru manipulation in an attractive and interesting way.
1 to 2 ( Baby ) $2280
Total 8 Session
Crawler is a unique programme that allows babies to learn about themselves and the world in which they live. At this infancy stage, they are going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development, and play is vital to healthy growth.

In Baby Dance, 60% the class will be focus on the muscle development of your child. Parent/child exercises promote core body strength (torso, arms, leg) and prepare children for crawling and walking.
0.5 to 1 ( Baby ) $2280
Total 8 Session
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