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District: Hung Hom
Address: 601, Goldenfield Tower, 53-59 Wuhu Street
Phone: 34896566
E-mail:[email protected]
Office hour: Mon-Sat 10:00am - 8:00pm
Category: MusicPianoPre-NurseryBrain TrainingEnglishParent-Child
Person in charge: Ms Yip

Don't Wait! Start "PLAY" Today!! 啟發幼兒潛能 - 從玩樂開始!!!

Play and music can stimulate child's creativity. Play and music are also important vehicles for the development of children's mental capacity and intellectual form. Because of its universal character, music is a social activity that promotes togetherness between individuals, cultures and nations.

Our mission is to provide a time to enjoy the fun of MUSIC through singing, movement listening and playing the percussion,
- To help children to grow strong and healthy.
- To help children learn about people and meaning of things in the world.
- To help children learn and grow in a way that helps them feel good about themselves.
- To help children to practice for being grown-up.


主辦單位 : Doremi Garden Music & Arts
課地點 : 紅磡 / 黃埔
上課地址 : 紅磡蕪湖街53-59號金輝行6樓601室 (永隆銀行 / 位元堂對面,海馬旁)

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查詢電話 : 3489-6566


Activity Name Age Fee
★★★ 外籍老師 ENGLISH CLASS (幼兒) ★★★

由現任外籍英語老師授課 Native English Teacher


課程名稱 : Rhythm Time - 英語韻律樂
年齡對象 : K1-K3
學費 : $800 / 4堂 ; 每堂60分鐘
課程內容 :
Learning English through fun activities with friends!! Activities include lots of singing, chants and rhymes, listening games, patterns to echo, and movement games, all of which nurture the child’s musical development while satisfying the child’s need to learn in a holistic environment.


課程名稱 : StoryCrafters 故事手工藝班
年齡對象 : K1-K3
學費 : $800 / 4堂 ; 每堂60分鐘
課程內容 :
An innovative programme which aims to build up young learner’s interest and skills in English through story-based creative activities like role-play, arts and crafts.


課程名稱 : Phonics Garden 拼音樂園
年齡對象 : K2-K3
學費 : $800 / 4堂 ; 每堂60分鐘
課程內容 :
A unique kindergarten-level phonics programme are designed to help your child to read and write in English. This interactive teaching method with interesting characters from listening, speaking, spelling and singing will increases a child’s desire to learn.

 K1-K3 $200 Per session
Free Trial
★★★ 多元智能 PLAYGROUP - Multi-Intelligence - 適合1-3歲 ★★★

課程適合1-3 歲小朋友,採用月費自選模式,家長可自由選擇上課時間及課程組合。

* 故事律動班
* 數學遊戲班
* 幼兒認知班
* 八大智能班
* 小小創意家
* 音樂 Do Re Mi
* 學前遊戲適應班
* English Sing Along
* Train Train 小肌肉
* 唱唱跳跳普通話

~ ~ 月費計劃 ~ ~
@ 5堂 $600
@ 8堂 $780
@ 12堂 $980
@ 16堂 $1100
★ 免費試堂 ★
請電 : 3489-6566 查詢
1 to 3  $120 Per session
課程名稱 : 小小莫札特音樂啟蒙班 Classroom Music for Little Mozarts
年齡對象 : 2.5 - 3.5歲
每月學費 : $480 / 4堂 ; 每堂45分鐘
專為兩歲半至三歲半幼兒而設,以小班形式上課,接觸多元化的音樂活動,啟發對旋律、節奏、速度、聲量等認知。令幼兒有機會接觸到不同種類的音樂, 能增進對音樂的了解和喜好,幫助家長日後為子女挑選合適的樂器。透過不同鍵盤訓練、節奏訓練、聆聽、歌唱、律動及遊戲等音樂活動培養小朋友的音樂感、節奏 感及對音樂的興趣。除此之外, 小朋友更會學習多首英、廣及普兒歌、歌詞創作、唱名(sol-fa names)、音名 (letter names)、不同節奏型、黑白鍵位置及單手彈奏, 訓練各手指的靈活度及維持正確的手型。
2.5 to 3.5  $120 Per session
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