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Kids4Kids Volunteer Registration Form

12D, Kimley Commercial Building, 142-146 Queen's Road Central
Thank you for your being interested in how to become a volunteer at Kids4Kids, we welcome parents and youths to join Kids4Kids to help others. We do have a number of programs from community service opportunity to empowering youths to create, engage in meaningful activities (such as fund raising, creating arts, writing and recycling).  As a volunteer, you can participate in our activities on an adhoc or regular basis. In both cases, we would require you to sign up.

Please sign up here as a general volunteer and we will put your name to our list of volunteers . Please also download the form with the following link, sign the Section (B) and fax to us at 3568-4880
We regularly call for general volunteers to participate in our various activities such as Beach Cleanup, Books Recycling, Market day, etc). All Parents are encouraged to sign up as general volunteers as well.

報名須知 Enrollment Notes


Section (B)乙部Applicant’s Statement & Parental Consent 申請人聲明書及家長/合法監護人同意書

Please read the following Code of Conduct. We are asking you (and a responsible adult if you are under 18 year old) to sign this statementto confirm that you have read and understood it.請詳讀以下行為守則,並請您的監護人(適用於未滿18歲人士)簽署以確認您已經閱讀並完全明白此聲明書的內容。

At Kids4Kids we are committed to acting ethically and in an inclusive and socially responsible manner in everything we do andputting smiles on the faces of others (and hopefully ours too)!童協基金承擔義務以符合道德和包容的態度及注重社會責任進行我們的活動。與此同時,我們為他人(也希望為自己)帶來歡樂。

You agree that you will observe these principles while acting as a Kids4Kids Volunteer. This means that you will:作為童協基金義工,您同意遵守所有守則,您將會:

 - show respect for others, including the Kids4Kids organization;尊重他人,包括對童協基金;

 - act responsibly and with honesty, integrity and kindness;責任感,誠實、正直、善良地行事;

 - smile and have fun保持微笑及享受活動


While Kids4Kids would take all reasonable care to ensure the event is safe, in consideration of the opportunity to participate in activities and programs conducted by Kids4Kids, I, on behalf of myself or I on behalf of myself and my minor child(ren) will discharge and hold harmless Kids4Kids in any liability which may arise during participation in activities and programs organized. 雖然童協基金會採取合理的謹慎措施以確保活動的安全,我代表我自己或我代表我自己和我的未成年子女,將解除及使童協基金免受任何於活動中有可能引起的責任。

Kids4Kids may 童協基金可以:

1.       record, reproduce, copy, print, publish and distribute, whether by video, audio, still photography, negatives, internet or any other methods or media, me and my child(ren)’s/students’ image(s), voice(s), biography and name(s) (“Recorded Contents”); 以視頻、音頻、靜態攝影、底片、互聯網或任何其它方法或媒體,記錄、複製、複印、打印、出版及分發我和我的子女/學生的圖像、聲音、傳記及名字(記錄内容);

2.       edit, modify, alter or use the Recorded Contents without limitation for all lawful purposes, including but not limited to using them in Kids4Kids related promotional materials, print publications, presentations, websites, and other media products; and沒有限制地就任何合法目的編輯、修改、改變或使用該記錄内容,包括但不限於在童協基金的宣傳資料、印刷刊物、講座、網站及其他媒體產品使用該記錄内容;以及

3.       Copyright or otherwise register the Recorded Contents in Kids4Kids’ name or any other name that Kids4Kids may choose.保留記錄内容的版權或以其他方式以童協基金或任何其他童協基金所選的名義註冊記錄内容。

I also agree that no compensation is payable for the use of the Recorded Contents. I also understand that from time to time, reporters and/or photographers from mass media may visit a Kids4Kids event, and that in such cases, Kids4Kids is not responsible for any recording taken and used by media.我亦同意就使用記錄内容不會獲得任何報酬,並明白大衆媒體的記者或攝影師有可能不時採訪童協基金的項目,而在該情況下,童協基金將不對任何媒體作出或使用的錄影負上任何責任。

Hong Kong law governs this consent, which benefits all personnel, professional advisors, licensees and assigns of Kids4Kids as well as the person(s) for whom they produced the Recorded Contents.本同意書由香港法律管限,受益人包括所有童協基金的員工、專業顧問、許可持有人及承讓人,以及所有爲其製作記錄内容的人士。


Personal Information Collection Statement 個人資料收集聲明

The information provided will only be used for the enrolment as participants of Kids4Kids. Apart from personnel of Kids4Kids, such as staff, officers, board members, advisory committee, student representatives and other participants, or as required by applicable laws or regulations, no one will be given access to your personal information. The provision of your personal information on this form is obligatory. If you do not provide the required personal information, we cannot proceed with your application. At any time, you have the rights to request access to and to request the correction of the provided personal information, by contacting us via email at [email protected]

你提供的資料只供登記成為與童協基金義工之用,除了童協基金的工作人員(如職員、執行委員會、顧問委員會、學生代表及其他義工)或依照適用法律或規定外,該等資料將不會提供予其他人士。你必須在本[義工申請表格內提供所需的個人資料。如你未能提供所需個人資料,我們則無法處理你的申請。任何時候,你均有權要求查閱及更改已提供的個人資料。如欲查閱及/或更改個人資料,請電郵至[email protected] 與我們聯絡。