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Junior Choral Program 兒童合唱聲樂班

4 to 8 ( children 兒童 )
$800 Total Total 4 Sessions
20/F,, 中匯商業大厦, 彌敦道736號

Program is well planned and structured with four major topics; Vocalization, Music Appreciation, Stage Performance and Singing with movements. Children will benefit from participating in a fruitful and exciting learning group. They will gain singing and music knowledge via fun and instructive class meetings. Students after finishing the choir program could join the choir performing group and prefect singing techniques continuously. Not only to implement what they have learnt, but also enhance their team spirit, confidence, concentration and advance their performance quality


Session Description
Date Time Duration
#1 2011-10-02 16:00 90 mins
Donau Musikinstitut