Decommissioning Announcement:
OPENCLASS.HK website directory will be shutdown by 2020 April 30th and replacing this current service will be another innovative service from OpenClass

OpenClass had been in service since 2010 and this directory listing service for learning centres had helped optimised the search engine ranking as well as gaining visibility for learning centres. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company Art Group Limited have decided to decommission this website on Apr 30th 2020 and this domain name will continue to service learning centres with another new innovative service beginning on June 1st, 2020

Poster Introduction Album


3 to 12 
$980 Total Total 8 Sessions
寶琳北路100號 欣明苑停車場大廈地下 教協將軍澳中心
一個找到舞台和自信的地方, 讓孩子們培養音樂節奏感和肢體律動感。每年中心將安排二至三次的舞台演出機會, 讓學生展現才華, 舞出真我
Hong Kong Dream Art Center