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2014 7th Annual Writing for a Cause Competition - Open Category Online Application | 2014年第七屆「為善寫作」圖書創作比賽公開組網上報名

Reading & Writing
6 to 16 
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Kids4Kids Limited
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1) Please be aware that this online application will close on 15th September 2014, 23:59:59 so that we can have sufficient time to send out the submission code and My story Kit to you.

2) The actual online submission for stories will close on 30th September 2014, 23:59:59.

*For application enquiries during this period, please contact 36186813.

Thank you for your interest in joining the 7th Annual Writing for a Cause Competition!

Before submitting your story, you need to first register by following a few simple steps.

To register and to make the process of your story-writing a fun and easy one, you can make a donation of HKD335 (shipping fee included) which will include the registration fee and submission code for uploading your entry, and a set of 'My Story Kit' - a beautifully illustrated guide book, two Kids4Kids Books from past winners and a drawing pad to create your own story. Or you may wish to donate HKD100 to register and receive the submission code for uploading your entry.  

NB: Shipping fee applicable only to applications involving 'My Story Kit'.

Competition Rules and Regulations

    • Eligible participants must be aged between 6 and 16 at the time of submitting their stories.

    • The story you submit has to be original, it must not be copied from work of any other person.

    • Your story must not include any inappropriate language or violence content.

    • You can submit your story in English, Chinese or both.  

    • The word limit of submission is not more than 500 words for English and not more than 800 characters for Chinese. The bilingual story should follow the same word count recommendation for each version. It can be written in any style, e.g. a poem, a diary, etc. 

    • Each page of the story must be illustrated. Writer and illustrator may be different person. Up to 4 participants including the writers and illustrators are allowed for one submission.

    • Illustrations should be submitted in the size of 9x9 inches. Different art styles are allowed, such as hand drawings, computer art, collage, etc. Please do not use color pencils or water color.

    • If you wish to also join the School category, to do so, you must submit a different story.



1) 網上報名將於2014915 23:59:59 截止,讓我們有足夠時間處理及郵寄遞交條碼及《我的故事創作手冊》。

2) 網上提交故事將於201493023:59:59 截止。





為了讓你有一個既有趣又輕鬆的故事創作過程,你可捐款港幣335﹙包含運費﹚。此捐款包括報名費、遞交條碼和一套《我的故事創作手冊》— 一本寫作指導小冊子、兩本以往得獎者的圖書及一本讓你自由創作的畫簿。你亦可捐款港幣100元作報名費,並會收到網上提交故事所需的遞交條碼。




    • 參賽者遞交作品時年齡須介乎6-16歲。

    • 所有故事必須為原創,不得抄襲他人作品。

    • 不得使用粗言穢語或涉及暴力內容。

    • 提交的故事可以以英文、中文或雙語寫成。

    • 故事的字數英文不多於500字,而中文則不多於800字。雙語故事的字數須根據以上中英文字數建議。故事可以任何形式寫作,例如:詩歌、日記等。

    • 故事須伴以插圖,每一頁的文字都須配以插圖。故事的作者與插畫者可以不同,每份作品的參加人數以四人為限(包括作者與插畫者)

    • 插畫大小須為9X9吋,可以任何形式創作,例如手繪、電子繪圖、拼貼畫等。請勿以木顏色筆或水彩繪圖,因會影響印刷質素。

    • 若你想同時參加公開及學校組別,你需要提交不同的故事。

As of 15th September 2014, 23:59:59. We are no longer fulfilling orders of the My Story Kit and the submission code. You can still purchase My Story Kit at selected retail outlets (Pacific Coffee, Bookazine and Pollux Books).

We apologise for any inconvenience. The Deadline for story submission is 30th September 2014, 23:59:59; please ensure you can submit the story on time.

由於已過2014年9月15日 23:59:59, 訂購《我的故事創作手冊》及遞交條碼已暫停。你仍可到指定商店購買《我的故事創作手冊》(太平洋咖啡, Bookazine 和 Pollux Books)。

很抱歉為你帶來不便。故事提交截止日期為2014年9月30日 23:59:59,請準時提交作品。

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