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Fischer Technik Robotics Easter Workshop (8-14)

8 to 14 
$1600 Total Total 2 Sessions
Saturday 19th April, 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday 20th April, 10 am to 4 pm

Lunch is included (A choice of Pret Mnger or Subway sandwiches, plus juice box, cookies, there are water inside our premise)
12D, Kimley Commercial Building, 142-146 Queen's Road Central
Fischertechnik is a brand of construction toy. It was invented by Artur Fischer and is produced by fischertechnik GmbH in Waldachtal, Germany. Fans often refer to Fischertechnik as FT or ft. It is used in education or teaching about simple machines, as well as motorization and mechanisms. The company also offers computer interface technology which can be used to teach the theory of automation and robotics.

Little Scientist had been a distributor in Canada for Fischer Techniks and now bringing this expertise in science and technology, engineering and math education (STEM) to Hong Kong. 

By 2006, Fischertechnik sets were available for robotic process control using “Robo-pro” software (the successor to Lucky-logic), on-board process controllers with flash memory, infrared and radio-frequency remote control, and pneumatic-activation. Robotic models could follow preprogrammed routes or lines on the floor, sense obstructions and change course, detect and move objects, and simulate everyday devices such as vending machines, passenger elevator systems, and traffic-control lights. In early 2010, Fischertechnik introduced the ROBO TX Explorer kit, which includes a color sensor.uild

In our workshop, participants will be separated into 2 persons in a group. They will learn to work together and under guidance to build simple machines and structure and finally learn to apply power-system components to a static engineering system with electronics, gear boxes,  powered motors, to motorise the system. 

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Fischer Techniks Robotics Workshop