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Literature Class B July

12 or above 
$800 Total Total 5 Sessions
Class b

Short Stories
Imagery in Poetry
Aural Imagery
904, Wing Fu Building, Wing Kut Street

Literature Skills


From the very foundation skills to examination tips, the content most literature students need to maximize their scores for DSE, GCSE, IGCSE and IB Literature

Learn & understand the vocabulary, terminology, devices of literature, along with other useful and thought provoking tips. These classes will be presented in a relaxed workshop atmosphere with short activities and discussions

Whether you are for the exams or just about to start studying literature, or even you are just ready for a higher understanding and enjoyment of English, these classes cover the foundations and upwards

From September, short workshops on various IGCSE and IB readers; for example, Miller’s ‘View from the Bridge’, ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ and others will commence

Date Date
#1 2012-07-16 #4 2012-07-19
#2 2012-07-17 #5 2012-07-20
#3 2012-07-18